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Twitter, Inc. (TWR.F)

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36.53+2.53 (+7.43%)
As of 09:45AM CEST. Market open.
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    Investing in Crypto has never been less interesting and profiting even for a day, it's basically the best investment any individual can make for him self to ensure a financially stable future
  • d
    Let’s clear up the confusion once again. The $33.5B is NOT, repeat NOT, a new negotiated deal value! The $33.5B is the current amount of funding that Musk has secured for the $44B deal. This is a $6.25B increase over the previous $27B that Musk has raised. The additional $6.25B removes the need for Musk to take out a margin loan. The additional $10.5B needed for the $44B deal will come from additional investors or from debt financing. With today’s SEC filing and Musk’s letter, it’s signaling his intent to move forward with the deal as agreed.
  • V
    The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the decision!
  • B
    The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the decision
  • K
    $49.5 tomorrow.
    musk is winner.
    twtr longs are big big winner.
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    Jake Lamotta
    This dude Casey Newton just said on CNBC . " It's not Twitters fault that Musk offered them $54.20 a share . And this deal is legally binding . There is a signed legal agreement. Buyers remorse does not come into it ."
  • R
    Coins hold value as a form of good money that is superior to any previously discovered or developed form of money
  • A
    I bought after hours at 39.65 and 39.94. TWTR valuation at least above 75. Last Nov high went above 75 with lower eps/revenues. Last Q1 was huge vs previous Q3, Q2. So correction will come quick. The whole world uses TWTR.....THE WORLD CUP IS COMING in weeks....MORE TRAFFICS , more Ads ckicks... Buy before hedgies cover all. TWTR at least 75 will come
  • T
    Trader x
    20 yrs investing on solid unicorns . TWTR will gap up above 50. You will see. Hedgis are toast now. They will cover a lot in pre market. Buy after hours. so cheap vs last Nob high 75. Nov EPS/revenues had lower EPS than last Q1. CORRECTION will come.....WORLD CUP IS COMING....WORLD CUP IS COMING.....TRAFFIC ADs thru the roof.
  • H
    60 breakout level is coming. The whole world uses TWTR like food. TWTR is a need. Witout TWTR there is no life. No businesses. No news Ukraine or Texas shooting or WorldCup. No friend connection , etc...OPEN YOUR EYES...TWTR Ad revenues thru the roof in Q2. This is not teen social media who are broke. these App TWTR is to be in businesses and thriving. TWTR intrinsic value above 75 at least based on analysis
  • J
    The stock is at $36 and the offer was $54. That means wall street says no way the deal goes thru. Otherwise the stock wouldn't be this low. Can Elon just buy shares on the open market until he gets at least 50%?
  • d
    Shorts should cover. It doesn’t look like Musk is going to back out if he’s increased funding for the acquisition and is working on more.
  • a
    $TWTR MUSK ANNOUNCES NEW IPO AFTER COMPLETING PURCHASE. I have Twitter stock and am buying more since with the price differential to $54.20 it’s a no brainer 30% profit.
    Buy TWTR now and you will make a lot of money and it’s a good investment in an unpredictable market.
  • S
    glad i held onto this stock but still down $10 a stock. not sweating it tho. that'll change soon. Go Musk!
  • J
    Who here got Musked on the Twitter deal? Looks like Elon may only want to pay half the agreed upon price.
  • L
    Anyone that thought this wasn't going through wasn't thinking straight at all. I think he gets Dorsey in here too. He has the means for an equity commitment and is bros with Musk. This deal is going through. Not sure when but it looks very positive for bulls
  • m
    Short interest has been growing, back to 33M. If Musk backs out, this is still a hot property and does not deserve to be trading near 12 month low. Too much attention paid to the noise. We could see a nice squeeze very soon.
  • R
    $some dude on tech check just said twtr just worth 25-30; obviously this dude has a short position whether or not he would ever admit it. simple analysis the way I see it: musk much better off just paying the 54.20, rather than have the super negative backlash against him for walking away and the financial pain twtr will put him through along side the super negative downward pressure on his other businesses over the next 6-9 months as a result. musk much better off in the long run just simply sticking to the deal. Whether or not it is too expensive at 54.20 is now completely immaterial. 2 years from now twtr will be worth much much more than right now.
  • J
    The 10.1B additional funding could be announced at any time. Then we're looking at an $8-10 instant pop.