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Shineco, Inc. (TYHT)

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    "Shineco signed the non-binding Letter of Intent with Beijing Kanghuayuan Technology Development Co., Ltd and Changzhou Kelinbo Venture Capital Partnership (limited partnership) on July 21, 2020. Pursuant to the non-binding Letter of Intent, Shineco proposed to acquire 73.7% ownership of CBP by issuing common shares worth no more than USD25 million."

    Market Cap 10.478M

    I'm a little confused. Can anyone help? Yahoo shows market cap as $10.5M. Yet in their press release they said they were going to issue no more than $25M share to buy 73.7% of a company. So what are TYHT shareholders left with? That sounds like a lot of dilution. What is the combined company worth?
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    I started following "awesomestokcalerts" (Gooogle it - off course without any space or dash in between the words) and their notifications are better than anyone else.
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    Did they establish the share exchange ratio for the the company they are buying? A big drop in share price could mean serious dilution ahead. Have they already bought the company? If so, when will they put out new combined statements? Does the new company bring any balance sheet or income statement items to the table or are they still pie in the sky? Are they in Phase 3 testing? Isn't Phase 3 testing very expensive? Just wondering
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    TYHT announced that their rapid COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit has passed the laboratory evaluation tests. Designed for individual use at home or in the office, the RT-LAMP nucleic acid and easy-sample test kit is fast, portable and affordable
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    great price .Just bought some more..
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    Last quarter stockholder equity was $72.1M, now it is $73.7M.
    Truly amazing - this company has almost no debts, is having cash of $1.56/share (almost double the share price), has a book value of $3.16, prospects of immense growth with both the Apocynum venetum and the Hemp project - and is trading at a fraction of its book value.
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    I bought 1000 shares before RS, thinking to sell at 2.50 before another RS that would leave me nothing.
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    Just wait until the Chinese enter the market more aggressively.

    Shineco is a CBD giant in the making.
    The whole CBD industry is about cultivation space.

    In 2019 Shineco will have 82 acres or 3'570'000 share feet. Compare this with CGC and 4'300'000 share feet.
    The whole hemp project has 3295 acres or 143'500'000 square feet. This is 5-6 times the size of ALL big Cannabis companies (ACB, CRON, CGC, HEXO, TLRY, APHA)

    Estimated Revenues: 30 tons CBD extract = $182M; 500 tons hemp seed oil = $665M (wholesale price of U$1'330/kg)

    It will be same like with the Solar industry. In the beginning US companies like FSLR rose on a hype. Soon afterwards Chinese solar firms realized the potential, entered the market and shook up the whole industry. Now they are the dominating players.

    TYHT's market cap of $27M is ridiculously low when comparing with all the US & Canadian companies having a market cap in the range of billions.
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    If the next few quarters looks as good as the last one, this stock should be in the $4 to $5 range. I don’t see why the stock is diving like it is. Does someone know something that I’m not seeing?
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    I'm going to swing this over the weekend. I see this going 1.65+
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    Now the company wants to raise for the hemp project $40M by issuing "tokens", together with the guarantee to repurchase them on an annual calculation. So there will be soon news about the hemp project and the implementation of blockchain technology.
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    TYHT is completely undervalued. Stockholder equity $72M / 22M shares is already $3.25. No debts & positive earnings.
    With the new hemp project the management expects revenues to increase tenfold to around $350M.
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    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend ( They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
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    Another interesting article. The Chinese just began to see the potential.
    These Chinese companies think big, very big. Only this Hanma investment group in Yunnan province has 1600 acres cultivation space,.
    Shineco plans double- to triple the size with up to 4900 acres. It means, that just these two companies will have significantly more cultivation space than ALL companies in the US and Canada. Of course the Chinese can produce way cheaper than the Canadians - both Xinjiang and Heilongjiang Province are known for low-income farmers - and undermine the US market with unbeatable prices.

    It all reminds me of the 2008-2010 hype in Chinese solar stocks.
    When the real money will become fully aware of the industrial scale in China, then their focus will shift from Cannabis+Canada to Cannabis+China.
    Legalization has little chance of coming to China, but companies have begun cultivating the plant to meet overseas demand for cannabidiol, or CBD.
    Legalization has little chance of coming to China, but companies have begun cultivating the plant to meet overseas demand for cannabidiol, or CBD.
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    Now they even think of up to 4943 acres cultivation space. All in all completed in 3 years. And they are moving forward fast.

    Wholesale price of CBD extract is U$7.00/g, when sellling tons. 30 tons = U$210'000'000 revenues.
    Wholesale price of hemp seed oil is U$1'330/kg. 500 tons = U$665'000'000 revenues.
    Plus revenues from fiber and leaves ...

    In 2018 revenues were $43'000'000 - it means that the plan is to grow revenues twenty-fold.
    This is gigantic. Such prospects for growth will be reflected in the share price soon.
    TYHT / Shineco, Inc. 8-K Current Report CURRENT REPORT - May 08, 2019 -
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    Got in at $1.18 (with anticipated profit taking on the prior day's double). My buddy kept saying Cannibis stocks. Well Aurora and another have the Canadian market with a contract in Germany - and now TYHT has a contract (for production) in China. Those folks can produce at a cheap price (Asian's are wicked smart). They will capture Europe in it's entirety, and of the ten states that have legalized cannibis use for medical purposes - they are completely hamstrung financially and shipping the product across state line - a felony. I'll go with this stock and hold on for the ride. As for Aurora - yeah - a one-year triple. This stock - however - has "room to run." You watch at 2:30 est as the big boys (the big banks) are now buying in. We Shall See.
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    Just some numbers.
    Lifetime extreme prices for TYHT:
    2016 high: 33.67
    2018 low: .83

    Why is the price low? Not many people trade in this stock. Good company with remarkable earnings: 55-cents per share. What makes it a great investment (I'm biased and a shareholder) is at the current price of 1.11, you'll receive a full return on your 1.11 (in earning's) in a little over 2-years. So, you get a 50-percent return on investment in earning's at 1.11 per year and a full return of your 1.11 in 2-years and 6-days..
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    Love these days after accumulating at much lower prices. Building quite a position. Good luck longs.
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    Interesting news, makes sense for a company with that much agricultural experience to make their way into the cannabis space- good luck y'all.
    The cannabis industry, as a whole, is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2029 from $17 billion in 2019, according to analyst firm Jefferies. The firm’s estimate includes the Canadian markets, the…
    The cannabis industry, as a whole, is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2029 from $17 billion in 2019, according to analyst firm Jefferies. The firm’s estimate includes the Canadian markets, the…
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