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Toyota Motor Corporation (TYT.L)

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  • J
    Countdown to the big split!
  • R
    Evergrande R/E enterprise crashing markets across the board. Evergrande SLT sold all their Evergrande investments months ago - while telling employees to buy Evergrande investment products otherwise you will face trouble in employment reviews.

    Definitely - looking at this - #1) more laws needed to protect average investors in China, and #2) less selfishness needed in China period.

    Japan is a lot better when it comes to honoring society.
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    To all shareholders:
    Notification Concerning Stock Split of Our Common Stock
    We hereby notify you of a five-for-one stock split of shares of our common stock (for shareholders as of September 30, 2021).
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    Media reporting apple is will not collaborate w/ Toyota.

    A report to on South Korean Pulse news stated that apple has decision to again go on its. It will not partner with any traditional car manufacture.

    To see this report - search on motor1 Apple Now Wants To Develop Its Electric Car On Its Own
  • i
    Toyota is a nice company and bought a new car recently and really enjoy the driving experience and service there. I have hard time wrapping my mind on the value of TSLA . I hope Toyota can catch up in electric car in terms of software perspective
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    If I were to guess at Toyota's secret strategy in fully moving to BEVs- is that a Toyota and Panasonic relationship (plus the general Japanese automobile industry at large in Japan) are working to replicate Tesla's latest battery type: the 4680 battery cell.

    This battery cell type offers 5x more energy, 16% more range, and really the most important feature: these types of battery are very inexpensive to manufacture (and also perform better in cold over solid state batteries).

    Toyota's fuel cell technology is something Toyota is not at all serious about. (otherwise it would be out by now - seriously)

    Also - same as fuel cells - solid state batteries are also way too expensive.

    My guess - if Toyota were to finally, somehow, mass produce a solid state battery (and I highly doubt it) - a car containing this technology would be way too expensive. The equipment need to make these types of batteries - as exist today - is very complicated.

    So say - hypothetically - Toyota creates a RAV4 solid state battery with 1000 miles of range.

    That would certainly beat existing Tesla specs...

    But - realize - price is the biggest hurdle in making purchases. By the time Toyota has a RAV4 solid state battery - Tesla will have reduced costs even more their new cars with this new battery.

    E.g. There will be a Tesla w/ 400 range Tesla costing $20k.

    You could have a Toyota RAV4 solid state car costing - at least $80k IF they were able to mass produce a solid state battery - it is just hard to do.
  • Q
    Look to trim position when the price stops rising. They have a production cut of 40% in September and yet stock has gone back up as if nothing happens, very irrational market. Potential headwinds for Toyota are:
    1) EV strategy and timeline not clear. I have to see it to believe it;
    2) Chip shortage impact in the future production cut;
    3) Last year and this year have pulled in future purchase due to covid-19 and future sales may be diminishing in ICE vehicles.
  • A
    TM is a $400 Billion corporation that employs 372,000 people, has a PE of 10! It has 7 TRILLION in cash—more than many countries, but 24 trillion in debt…I’m buying more!
  • S
    Talks of Apple Car Surface Regarding Toyota ~ Just Sayin.
    Also, are people aware that this stock splits 5:1 at end of Sept.?
    I think that ought to work out for the Longs ~ again just my humble opinion.
    I've heard that when an expensive priced stock splits, the market tends to buy it up as if its a bargain - then for those who have been holding, it turns out to actually be a bargain because the price appreciates....
  • m
    Talks between aapl and tm for tm to manufacture aapl car will push this higher.
  • R
    Toyota hybrid question...

    My understanding is that Toyota is manufacturing the following hybrids:

    Avalon Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, Lexus ES 300h, and the RAV4 Hybrid (which is quite popular)

    Toyota's Georgetown plant (which is huge) has been making the RAV4 Hybrid.

    As Toyota mentions that the chip shortage is reducing production globally by 40% - I am just wondering if that is going to extend to the RAV4 manufacturing?

    It is such a popular car - I would imagine if they had all the parts - they would continue making the RAV4 hybrid over others as they (I think) have a higher margin and is in high demand.
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    Jeez - forget Toyota (what looks good now) - with only a 40% global vehicle cut back. GM will stop truck production in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Silao, Mexico. Stopping light-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra truck plants.

    because of... drum roll - global chip shortage

    it must be that chip manufacturers are just on holiday.

    every car manufacturer now blames them....

    they must not be getting much love....

    of course - all this has nothing to do with a tectonic shift to Electric Vehicles... nothing to see there... please move along.
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    Where is Toyota's solid state battery? Any news?
  • b
  • B
    TM would be a logical choice for Apple.
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    Auto giant Toyota (NYSE: TM) said on Thursday that it will cut its global production output by 40% in September, because of parts shortages affecting its factories in Japan and elsewhere. This is a big deal, not just because of Toyota's huge global footprint but because Toyota has so far largely avoided production cuts amid a global shortage semiconductors.
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    What is the difference between tm & TOYOF?
  • J
    we need TM at $210 by end of 2022.
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    I wonder if Toyota is the "TOP TEN GLOBAL AUTOMAKER" listed by Ideal Power in its press release last month regarding testing and evaluation of B-TRAN ( a new disruptive bi-directional power switch patented by IPWR).
    If you'd like me to share my DD on IPWR...reply with request to this post and I'll send.