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  • J
    yowza, UGI is cookin with gas today %^)...
  • B
    Nice 4 handle today. Nice to see gas isn’t going out of favor.
  • B
    I recently bought this. I understand this has been low for the past 3 years, but I see some upside. Will buy more later in the year. I believe without dividends, this lost up to 60% the past few years, but their metrics are decent.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    UGI is up 5.12% to 39.00
  • A
    This better be a great report. Need to claw back to mid 40’s.
  • J
    What a buying op at a 4% fwd. div yield, rarely seen. On ST, geo-political driven commodity swing in LPG. Like UGI hasn't seen that in 134 yrs. Natgas and electric side is doing great, PR is low, price knocked down by a downgrade= time to buy for LT.
  • J
    Not too shabby a rise on ex-div day... even at 35, fwd yield is at least 4.0%
  • G
    Well glad I didn't stumble into this one. I have to agree with others. I've only read the press release from the last earnings. But yea, how do you lose money in this environment? And what little answers they gave were not satisfying. Seems like bad management. Good management would just own up to what was going wrong and lay it out on the table and then give investors and idea of how to fix it.
  • 4
    ouch back to 2-3 year lows
  • C
    Common Sense
    Done, out of UGI completely. Good luck to those old Amerigas friends who remain. Hoping Shell continues to rise and pay it's dividend. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!
  • J
    Been a shareholder for a month due to the method or their prorated conversation. Asked for all cash, got 32% in cash and UGI shares. Sell order has been riding at the cash conversion price which may ar may not be reached (it is lower than the UGI 52 week high). UGI paid their increased dividend today $.32/share, but only to Shareholders of record August 8. No converted UGI shareholders receive this. This whole buyout smells bad with APU and UGI managements reaping the rewards.The vote was a given due to UGI corporate and both managements control. Any info on class action suits?
  • C
    Common Sense
    I was going to sell after the merger, but decided to hold. I like the idea of no cut in dividend during 2008-2009 time period. Also, I think NG and Propane will rise in the future.
  • B
    I had Amerigas that's how I got into this creature. I learned a hard lesson because I wanted sell all during takeover. I found out after they did not have to buy all the shares but were able to give you shares of UGI. This was years ago now and never made it back to original exchange price. Interest rate is terrible for the price. Hate this company, almost at point to take a lost
  • В
  • E
    When is UGI going to finalize APU stock holders? Are they waiting to make money on interest to help them pay? SEC should have a rule to make these deals done within 24 to 48 hours!
  • S
    You guys are all correct. I believe most of the unit holders of APU got a bad deal. Not only did we loose a good source of dividend income, we were taken for a unwanted ride. I knew the all share deal would be a bad deal so I opted for all cash at the cash rate of 35 and some cents, but only about 32% of my units were cashed, rest was went through share conversion. Now I have no idea of how long we got to wait for UGI to go up. Who ever is not interested in holding the shares will keep selling and that will put pressure on the share price. I feel really bad for everyone who are affected by this transaction.
  • H
    AmeriGas will do well this Fall, Winter, Spring as outdoor dining only for restaurants will need to provide portable heat at outside tables.

    Buy some UGI stock, and get an extra cannister or two for yourself before there is a shortage.
  • c
    ever since lon greenberg retired, and the board make up changed ( i voted against the board for the last three years). i have owned ugi since 1990, my family since 1974, and i have never seen this company's stock
    be so dead in the water, i think the investment community sees that ugi has lost direction.
  • r
    I see no one is happy with ugi .
    - so glad I cashed out before the merger. Someone is now making a very healthy income ~ and it’s not the investors. So sad every time I see Amerigas cylinders at Home Depot. Was such a great deal for investors and employees with stock shares. Greed won.
  • J
    UGI surely heading to >L, div just hiked for the 34th straight year, div payday July 1. There isn't a more rock solid dividend in the stock universe. it's a keeper...