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Unisys Corporation (UIS)

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    UIS + ALPP manuf 11 companies in 1 + AABB Gold-backed crypto stock.
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    the channelman
    What a roller coaster ride this company has been; investor and employee. It is actually somewhat bizarre that investors, other than pure speculators, pay attention to it. Unisys exists in a world of "could have been." They hold on to customer relationships with organizations that are risk-adverse to changing. Unisys does a good job for them! Every once in a while, they cherry-pick a new customer. It seems that, based upon some comments, they tried to ramp up sales. Unfortunately, it didn't work. So they shut it down. The bane of business development. One requirement is free cash flow to fund new contracts and roll the dice. I was hopeful that, when the divested Fed and focused on commercial, they would be able to achieve something from their focus. That hasn't taken hold yet. It has to if they are going to survive.
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    This was a quarter with pluses and minuses. The minuses were revenue down YOY and earnings projected at the low end. The Pluses were profit margin growth and turning away from low-margin contracts. This was a "rubber meets the road" quarter with the old and new visions in conflict. I also wonder if the proposed management changes were a contributor? It appears the company's helmsman will be a finance type, not an IT person. Either way, price drop may have been overdone. Only time will tell.
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    Fed Up
    So this company has been around since 1882 and doesn't pay a dividend? Pfffttt....
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    UIS has lost all gains for this year and more. Nothing they do makes this pig fly. A real old computer company which can't compete anymore but hanging on to their legacy customers. I admit they have cloud services offerings but the competition will eat their share of market there too. Why is that no one buys them now that they don't have federal sector?
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    Had a run up to 27 now getting beat up? Any logical reason? Earnings report Nov 2 leak?
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    It is going to make new high tomorrow after the ER
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    Lee Roberts, a director, bought 10,000 shares at $21.25 on 10/5/21, Perhaps someone else felt the selloff was overdone.
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    Even though making the year numbers is more doubtful in current environment this will rebound quickly.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Unisys is up 6.14% to 20.04
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    Go figure: Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) Shares Could Be 46% Below Their Intrinsic Value Estimate
    BySimply Wall StPublishedNovember 08, 2021
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    the channelman
    Listened to the recorded investor call. Lots to parse. Remarkably, again called out CP as the largest cash flow contributor. Aluded to further pension moves to remove "variability." Possible lump-sum buyouts as mention in PR? Queston about spreading overhead elicted a comment implying layoffs. No surprise. Would not answer question about how much free cash flow Fed generated. Supposedly, enterprise solutions is generating the most increase in cash flow, but that is a bit murky. With the reduction in pension liability and debt, UIS becomes more "nromal" according to Altebef. Bettre access to capital at better rates. More able to go after mid-sized deals and invest in IP.

    We will see.
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    I am a bit surprised at the negative reaction to yesterday's earnings. They are making great progress on the pension front, freeing up $200 million of cash flow. They are growing the most profitable sectors. They also have $3.5 billion of deferred tax assets to shield future profits. We were told revenue would be flat so that was no surprise. They were even talking about selective acquisitions. Granted non-GAAP is hard to understand but things looked positive.
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    So have you noticed that UIS converted debt into another 30,000,000 shares? Massive dilution.
    Management hopes that shareholders won't notice but there is really no difference between debt
    and equity in that both forms of capital have to earn a return. In the case of debt it's paying the
    interest charges and in the case of equity the business has to earn and equivalent EPS coverage.
    With the crashing interest rate UIS pension payments will skyrocket in 2020.
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    UIS is going much much higher.Consider the following reasoning; Uis iHas 58,245,000 fully dliuted shares outstanding. At ists current price of $16.16 the market cap is $941 million. Yet they will be recieving $1.025 billion for Federal. At the current price one is buying the remainder of the business for nothing.
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    This appear to be a reasonably good quarter. While the interest on the notes is high, UIS is fixing the pension mess. The company can't move forward until that happens. Some analysts believe Altabef's end game is selling the company, as he did with Perot. I suspect that won't happen without pension repair. The company's tax loss carryforwards might make UIS an interesting acquisition in the IT space. How they grow revenue is a good question but they will have a better foundation moving forward.
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    seems like signing contracts and losing money are the norm here,how long do we have to wait for black ink
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    Some interesting facts from the latest 10-Q:
    1) Unisys had to offer the new CFO an incentive to stay with Unisys thru 2020 of $225,000. Finding a qualified CFO must
    be much harder these days.
    2) Shareholders equity is negative (pro forma worthless) due to accumulated deficit
    3) From 2020 thru 2024 the pension contributions are estimated at well over $1.0B. Unisys declared that it will have to
    seek additional financing (means they don't expect to have enough cash flow to pay during this period). Yet they continue
    to tell you every quarter to ignore these payments in cash (their fiction using non-GAAP information)
    4) The stock price on Mr. Altabef's first day 1/1/2015 was $29/share ($2.90 pre split of 10:1). Now it's $7 (equivalent to $0.70 pre split).
    5) Long term debt has increased.
    Yet the Board continues to increase Mr. Altabef's total compensation even though he has failed to produce increased shareholder value.
    The market judgment of the executive management team arrives every day on Wall. St. I think the smart money has
    seen through management's attempts to talk the stock up by publishing non-GAAP results every quarter..

    In my opinion UIS is a very poor investment
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    Clearly no investment. I got in at 7.30 and will be out shortly. I was there 30 yrs in sales. Pension expense is about to be huge problem. New mgmt does same stuff as all the rest since Unruh.
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    After today ,only 1 more day until new short interest is released and 5 more days until 2nd. quarter earnings. last report at the end of June saw 27% of float short for a total of 13,374,200.shares.Based on the average trading volume of 383,600it would take nearly 35 days to cover., a near perfect setup for a short squeeze, either before or after earnings.