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  • J
    Jim Cooper
    The corrupt market makers have only a narrow 26-day window for continuing to manipulate UNIT trading to keep UNIT share prices low so that short sellers can make their escape. These corrupt market makers are colluding with short hedge funds, certain corrupt Seeking Alpha Contributors, and certain Seeking Alpha editorial staff, as documented in Columbia Law Professor Joshua Mitts’ extensive law review article, which can be accessed at the following link:

    UNIT short interest peaked at 32,173,508 shares on December 31, 2019 and has steadily dropped to the low of 15,052,310 shares on September 15, 2020. The new NASDAQ reports indicate short interest has declined even further to 13,452,767 shares on September 30, 2020.

    Uniti CFO Kenny Gunderman’s and CFO Mark Wallace’s plan of action, announced the last few weeks, is on track. The “Effective Date” for Windstream’s emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy was on September 21, 2020. The rating agencies have upgraded Uniti’s credit ratings. Because Uniti is scheduled to release the third quarter earnings report on Monday, November 9, 2020, the Uniti Board of Directors (in keeping with historical patterns) will likely announce the increase in the January 2021 quarterly dividend on or a few days before November 9, 2020. The intervening milestone before that dividend declaration will be Uniti’s announcement that Unit has refinanced its debt on better terms and has brought the debt-to-EBITDA ratio down to 5.75. UNIT share price should skyrocket after the Board increases the dividend.

    So, the window is beginning to shut tight on the corrupt market makers’ freedom to manipulate the market and to the keep UNIT share price low for the short sellers to exit their short positions.
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    Jim Cooper
    For months now, Seeking Alpha (“SA”) has been censoring my comments. After I post the comment, SA holds up displaying it until AFTER SA has reviewed my comment. Sometimes, SA refuses to allow my comment to be displayed. I am NOT allowed to criticize any SA article because readers were siding with me (many “likes” and joining in the criticism) after I had pointed out MAJOR FLAWS and OMISSIONS in those SA articles that would completely undermine the article’s premise. Readers were losing confidence in the SA article’s authors’ judgment and command of the facts.

    Yesterday, a “PREMIUM” individual (who pays SA extra money to read confidential financial advice from SA Contributors), posting under the screenname “awhseh,” wrote a very brief scathing comment at this link:

    “awhseh” wrote:

    “You were dead wrong about Unit. I sold my stock at the bottom because of your article. It's doubled since I sold it.”

    KEEP in mind that SA Contributor Trapping Value wrote that very defective doom-and-gloom article long AFTER the Windstream/Uniti Settlement and AFTER Windstream had published the revised 2020-2026 outlook based upon the savings to be generated after Windstream exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy (which data/outlook Trapping Value omitted from that SA article).


    Critics of poster “awhseh’s” comment would be well advised to read Trapping Value’s (the author) many reply comments to those pointing out flaws in his article. Below are links to some of those TV replies:

    ● Trapping Value (“TV”) Comment (April 19. 2020 at 11:07 AM): “Be sure to bookmark this comment to check back in a year when UNITI is still under $6.”

    ● TV Comment (April 14, 2020 at 5:59 PM): “UNITI's AFFO and a $1 will buy you a coffee and Mcdonalds.”

    ● TV Comment (April 13, 2020 at 11:10 AM): “UNIT is a high risk investment with 90% probability of zero value for the equity in my view.”

    ● TV Comment (April 13, 2020 at 12:02 PM): “UNIT will never increase beyond the REIT rules. They might even pay that in shares.”

    ● TV Comment (April 12, 2020 at 2:43 PM): “Well Jim You go Long UNITI...really long....let's see what happens in 12 months.”

    ● TV Comment (April 11, 2020 at 1:18 PM): “UNIT is going to zero slowly but surely.”

  • J
    $10 share price previously was resistance but since it cut through it is now support.

    Bullish price action from a technical trading aspect.
  • S
    Good news,
    Moody’s upgraded UNIT’s rating today. We should have a very bullish earnings call coming soon. I believe UNIT should hit $15 before YE 2020.
    Additionally fiber capacity they have to lease resulting from the WIND bankruptcy will increase revenues and profits which will, in turn, increase dividends substantially in the next quarter and in 2021. I expect $30/share at some point in 2021. Comments welcome, but I feel good about my forecast. Pandemic has highlighted the need for fiber, and 5G is going to push everything to the next level. Go UNIT Go!
  • D
    Dear Kenny Gunderman, Now is the time for a public relations campaign. We need to hear the theme song of this company. We need to hear about the pots of gold and rainbows after we've weathered storms and beat the villains. Longs have taken ridicule and have defended this company and you. A little offense, it's time to put numbers on the board.
  • m
    How reliable is the performance outlook on yahoo Finance. Over the last month both the short term and mid term out looks have went from positive to negative regarding Uniti?
  • S
    Glad I added at $9.01 a couple weeks ago. Feels like a technical breakout and new 52 week high is coming soon...
  • J
    Jim Cooper
    Elliott Investment Management (“Elliott”) and other Windstream first-lien creditors, with the collusion of Uniti CEO Kenny Gunderman, have just cheated UNIT shareholders out of millions of dollars by backdating three days that sale of 38,633,470 UNIT shares.

    The September 9, 2020 updated “Stock Purchase Agreements” was announced in Uniti’s September 15, 2020 8-K at the following link:

    That September 9, 2020 agreement was “to replace and codify the terms set forth in the previously-filed binding letters of intent dated as of March 2, 2020.” Under the terms of that new agreement, “Uniti will issue the Settlement Common Stock on the earlier of Windstream’s emergence from bankruptcy and February 21, 2021.”

    Keep in mind that on the 9th and 15th of September, Elliott and Gunderman didn’t know when Windstream would emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    That updated agreement was bad news for Elliott and the “cabal” (termed in the infamous Millar letter) because, in Uniti’s August 4, 2020 press release, Uniti’s “Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.15 per share, payable on October 2, 2020 to stockholders of record on September 18, 2020,” as stated in that press release at this link

    So, because Windstream was expected not to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy until AFTER that September 18, 2020 “of record” date, Elliott and the “cabal” would NOT get that October 2, 2020 dividend.

    The Confirmation Order with the entry of the “Effective Date” of Windstream’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy was docketed at 5:41 PM on September 21, 2020 (see the “Entered 09/21/20 17:41:20” notation at the top of page 2) of the Notice of Confirmation Order (docket #2547) at the following link:

    Pay attention! Here’s the crooked part:

    CEO Gunderman, through his General Counsel (Daniel L. Heard), pulled a fast one on the UNIT shareholders by issuing on September 22, 2020 (the day AFTER Windstream’s September 21, 2020 “Effective Date” for exiting Chapter 11 bankruptcy) the 8-K at this link:

    On the third page, under the section “Stock Purchase Agreements,” Uniti told the SEC, “As previously disclosed, on September 9, 2020, Uniti entered into stock purchase agreements (each, a “Stock Purchase Agreement”) with certain first lien creditors of Windstream to replace and codify the terms set forth in the previously-filed binding letters of intent, pursuant to which on September 18, 2020 Uniti sold an aggregate of 38,633,470 shares of Uniti common stock, par value $0.0001 per share (the “Settlement Common Stock”), at $6.33 per share, which represents the closing price of Uniti common stock on the date when an agreement in principle of the basic outline of the Settlement was first reached.”

    That’s NOT TRUE. That September 9, 2020 agreement provided for the sale to occur on the date of Windstream’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy (as demonstrated above) – NOT September 18, 2020, which would allow Elliott and the “cabal” to get that October 2, 2020 dividend.

    Folks, we’ve been cheated.
  • B
    Elliott group did not invest here to make peanuts or loose money. I would love to know there long term
    plan with UNIT.
    Any thoughts?
  • E
    Gotta an order to sell all 2,000 shares at market open. I got a bad feeling. Sell now.
  • B
    Dark fiber. What does that mean for increase in yearly revenue?

    I think Jim is right, with in the near future UNIT can be a $20 plus stock. All about earnings.
  • k
    Perhaps the business plan can resume and (over time) the dividend can grow Back to pre-bankruptcy levels.
  • E
    sad sad sad. so many loyal investors
  • m
    So what/when is the next key thing in the timeline of this UNIT getting up to where it should be price wise?
  • M
    The auditor should remove the going concern. That will change the restrictions on dividends and reduce the amount of interest expense. Hopefully should take effect by Q3 earnings release.
  • G
    Gary G
    So when will this finally break away from thIs $9-$10 range ? Anybody have a crystal ball ? I don’t think it went up last year with the special year end dividend either.
  • L
    Long Term
    Just no excitement around 5G from Apple - is that negative for UNIT?
  • T
    I come here expecting to see people discussing the AH news. Haven't dropped in for awhile. Did everyone leave?
  • S
    Couple Large volume transactions after hours...300,000+ and 100,000+ share transactions...interesting
  • J
    Jim Cooper
    Late this afternoon, U.S. Bank N.A. (the last remaining Appellant of Judge Drain’s July 7, 2020 Order (docket #2279) approving the Stipulation of Settlement of Windstream’s Chapter 11 Plan) filed its September 1, 2020 5-page Response (docket #2482) to Windstream’s Motion Establishing Procedures in Furtherance of Plan Distributions (docket #2469) and requested a Stay pending the appeal of Judge Drain’s aforementioned July 7, 2020 Order. That U.S. Bank N.A. Response can be accessed at the following link:

    That response provides a good top-level background of the essential facts of that appeal and presents GOOD NEWS that HEAVILY OUTWEIGHS the BAD NEWS.

    Before I go into that Response, readers need to know that Second Circuit case law overwhelmingly DISFAVORS such appeals with such appeals almost never succeeding. That inescapable fact would have been in the back of his mind when US District Court Judge Vincent L. Briccetti made the rulings discussed in the Response and will be in the mind of Judge Drain when he rules on this Response and Windstream’s previous Motion.

    In ¶1 near the bottom of page 2, Appellant is asking Judge Drain to DELAY the distribution (and “Effective Date” of the Chapter 11 Plan) to give Judge Briccetti the very short amount of time Judge Briccetti needs to issue his decision on the appeal. Continuing onto page 3, Appellant discloses that Judge Briccetti has already heard the appeal. In ¶4 at the top of page 4, Appellant discloses that Windstream will be filing a Brief tomorrow (September 2, 2020) with the Appellant’s Reply Brief to be filed the next few days.

    In that ¶4, Appellant discloses that any Stay (to be granted by Judge Drain as requested in the Response) would be only a few weeks, NOT months. That’s the GOOD NEWS. Even in the WORST-CASE SCENARIO, Windstream would still emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a matter of just a few weeks.

    Personally, I think that there’s a 99% chance Judge Drain will NOT grant the Stay and that Windstream will emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy within the next two or three weeks.