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  • s
    UL will take a temporary earnings hit on this fiasco. Everywhere I look people on social media ppl turning away from Ben & Jerry .
    Unfortunately for UL they are held responsible and as a consumer I am now looking who owns the brands I’m buying .
    UL needs to quickly fix the PR disaster before it gets completely out of hand ….
  • a
    I am against any company getting involved with political issues on the Left or the Right.
    Time to focus on it business and making money.
  • P
    I will make sure that not 1 Unilever product makes it into my home including Breyers, B&J and Sunlight. As a company they are less than zero for me and mine.
  • D
    Why not boycott china over Tibet?
    This is from google search: How many disputed territories are there in the world?
    When it comes to territorial disputes across the globe, the list is long and ever-changing. There are now more than 150 disputes under way that involve territory, mostly in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region, but also in Europe and the Americas
  • D
    market down Unilever down market up Unilever Down. LOL
  • S
    Unilever is subject to 33 states with anti-BDS laws, 12 of which have pension funds which would require divestment per state contract laws (against investments in companies with BDS ties). So, Unilever should lose about $1/2 billion just in the state of Texas. NY and Calif don't have such laws but could create them as they are heavily Democratic run states which generally are against BDS. West Bank Palestinians will be losing their jobs as well (10 just for Ben and Jerry's).
  • C
    Well Jiminy Cricket, the stock is up!
    I won’t say that L, Max and I told you so. Have a lovely day, and be blessed!
  • g
    Unbelievable mistake by Ben and Jerry’s. They involved businesses and politics and boycotted half million Israelis civilians . Unilever shouldn’t let it happen cause if it will I’m pretty sure it will hurts Ben and Jerry’s sales around the world . Bad story for Unilever investors.
  • e
    As the owner of Ben and Jerry's, Unilever may be held liable for breaking many state laws against boycotting. I sold my shares and will dump all the products owned by UL.
  • M
    Next shareholder meeting I’ll be sure to ask who the flipping &(“;&;&)@; decided to boycott Israel before consulting us first
  • R
    Sold my UL. Can’t support a company that boycotts the only Democracy and best ally in the region.
  • L
    Though Unilever expressed its disagreement with Ben and Jerry's board, as the owner of Ben and Jerry's, Unilever may be held liable for breaking many state laws against boycotting Israel. Expect a new board to run Ben and Jerry's or at least dump their chairperson who has expressed anti-Israel views for years. Sad, considering the founders of Ben and Jerry's were Jewish and supported Israel.
  • s
    L, bout what I would Expect.
    When you can’t argue the facts name call.
    No victim here. Palestinians on the other hand will lose their jobs….
    Another victory BDS….
    Btw what are you taking about? I bought Breyers but Tnx to you found out it was Unilever product had it returned .
  • L
    Nice way to end the week of trading. I think I’ll celebrate with a pint of delicious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and listening to some Roger Waters music.
  • P
    Unilever gives its brands’ boards too much freedom to make decisions that impact the organization as a whole. Due to it’s governance issues—their brands can be repeat offenders. I’m assuming over many different things besides this anti semitism move. That would worry me as an investor. Think this stock will be in slow motion until they figure out this governance issue. The ceo saying I don’t agree with Ben and Jerry but this how we are structured—not gonna fly
  • D
    Texas, Florida Warn Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, Joining BDS Could Result in Sanctions, Losing States’ Business

    Hana Levi Julian
    "We oppose actions that could undermine Israel's economy and its people."
  • D
    L and Max McDonald's called wanted to know why you did not report to work today.
  • D
    FL, TX parts of NY are coming after you UL. 30 more states to follow.
  • n
    Unilever now teaching us the most valuable recent business lesson:

    Get woke, go broke.
  • L
    Sandi, I don’t argue facts, I state them. Just like the fact that yesterday you said you were boycotting BandJ by not buying their small containers and instead buying a bigger container of Breyers. If you don’t remember that post of yours then you should put down the wine for a while. (Yes, that’s a fact also)