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United Rentals, Inc. (URI)

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  • d
    $RCII conversation
    $KPLT is the massive opportunity in this space. Partnerships with $AFRM and $APPL. Trading at 70% discount because of small miss of Q2 targets. Huge rebound potential. Much better P/E ratio then $PRG $URI $AER $AL or $RCII
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    It is now becoming clear why a large fraction of minorities and low income people are reporting that they won't get the vaccine. By continuing the COVID crisis, they are getting free-rent. It is legalized stealing that a short-sighted government encourages. It buys a large number of votes because there are far more freeloader renters than there are landlords. The dem party is manipulative a travesty.
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    Who has this as a top holding? It is my 2nd largest behind CVS, bought in Dec then more in early February. Expecting to get out anywhere in the 200s if it has become a long term gain. Just rooting for EPS of 20 in 2019 with any PE over 10 to make me very happy on this holding.
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    Dan In MD
    Nice upward momentum for uri during down day for market. Investors want in for er next week. Uri has a tendency over last 4 quarters at least to beat. Expanding profit and stock buyback should make eps increase nicely and bring in new money. The charts show a cup and handle, spike above 50 dma and coming 50/200 golden cross. We have a real gem in the works
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    Look, I'll say what I've said before. Great company, great business plan. I am a customer of theirs. That said, THEY NEED TO PAY A DIVIDEND. These 20 and 30 point swings from week to week show their exposure to even the HINT of a slow down. They need a dividend to dull this bouncing as well as pay people (like me!) to wait thru the bad times and be rewarded. Thoughts?
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    Always intrigues me how two analysts who are supposedly looking at the same facts can be at such polar opposites. Jefferies upgrade this morning to $165 while UBS downgrades to $118. They will probably have good quarterly numbers but the fixation will be on the full year and future outlook. I'm long but not surprised if they temper expectations due to not knowing where the economy is going right now.
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    I’m a long term investor of URI. URI is a well run company, in fact the new CEO is the best pure rental guy they’ve ever had. They made smart moves and developed deep relationships during 2008 when it went down the tubes. The rental business is a fantastic business and URI have the best people in the business. I’ve owned this stock at $8 a share and to see it now at $300.!!
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    Earning calls are not usually positive for URI stock price initially. Stock is performing like it did a year ago. Many people have owned the stock along time and they want to take some profits. I think we will be up over 170. This year and probably even higher.
  • m
    $11.0 BILLION in debt. $60M in cash. Approx. $600M a year in interest expenses. No debt maturities in the near term which seems to be the best thing you can say about their current financial situation. A lot of debt and hardly any cash. Anyone know what kind of discount the bonds are trading at???
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    Geez - where is support?
  • r
    URI has formed a head and shoulders pattern. The question now is whether it will go lower like the typical result of a head and shoulders pattern. Volume is very low, so nothing is guaranteed, but if it does, we could see stock price dive down 105.

    The good news is that should this happen, a buying opportunity occurs when the price moves back up above the 111 neckline, and the target price could then go to 148.
  • S
    Finally a breakout above 154. It would be nice to see more volume.
  • E
    4 investment firms (Stifel, Merrill Lynch, CFRA, and UBS) reiterated a Buy on URI today with price targets in the range of 150-180. I don't see any downgrades. Conference call was generally very positive.
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    great earnings report, good luck all. reaffirmed 2019 as well. let's take a ride up!
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    If Dems win the house, infrastructure bill becomes even more likely? They will want to find an area to work together.
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    Still need a dividend from this one. 5 yrs ago we were at this exact same spot. Not a friendly long term investment
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    Linda Z
    I guess I am holding long term already down 20/share.
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    Cramer recommended URI ????
  • T
    I recommend caution today. Tuesday, October, 2019, green pre-market. Reminds me of the opening scene from Jaws.
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    Joe N
    Long time holder of URI. This stock usually moves up anytime there is a natural disaster. URI benefits fron all the rebuilding of homes and infrastructure. Not the reason i bought this stock. Just my observation from owning URI long term.