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Liberty All-Star Equity Fund (USA)

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6.70-0.07 (-1.00%)
As of 10:10AM EDT. Market open.

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  • d
    Answer me this: Is it correct that its DRIP thru its agent offers shares at NAV or 95% of share price, whichever is lower? And not all brokerages are equal, which brokerages honor the agent's DRIP program?

    Thanks in advance!!
  • I
    If the Sept 6 dividend is from newly issued shares it seems all they are doing is diluting first then giving money back. What am I missing here?

    “The distribution will be paid in newly issued shares to all shareholders except those who are not participating in Liberty All-Star Equity Fund's Dividend Reinvestment Plan and who elect to receive the distribution in cash.”
  • C
    Yahoo says we were to get the dividend June 6. Anyone get their's?
  • H
    HP D
    The dividend has been posted as of 11:45 EDST
  • d
    theodore N....what brokers honor USA's agent's DRIP?
  • H
    HP D
    A $6.31 DRIP price is a 10.29% gain from today's closing price of $6.96.
  • C
    WTH. Where's the dividends? Supposed to receive it yesterday after hours.
  • J
    Lower of the nav or stock price would be the nav which is 6.31 per share.
  • J
    The new shares from the rights offering should be in our accounts by this Friday, Dec. 3rd. That is what the prospectus states on page 6. Will be glad to see how many shares we got in the over subscription.
  • B
    Bulls and Bears  2007
    $VFF conversation
    Wacky world of weed.... sundial just reported in Canadian dollars so here is a comparison between PSF and sndl for the 4th quarter 2020 in millions
    PSF. Sndl
    Rev... 29.5. 16.9

    Rev. 22.5. 13.9

    Ebitda. 3.1. (5.6)

    Cap $usa.
    Billion. 1.2. 2.6

    Market rejected PSF results while market has a positive bias to sundial numbers
  • j
    $ILUS conversation
    $ILUS - Although we could not get all the moving parts in place before market closing, we are pleased to let you know that we managed to do so in the last few minutes. We will provide the PR update pre-market tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and support. #acquisitions #USA
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    $PLUG conversation
    Unrelated to the stock but related to clean energy of the future aka Hydrogen. This year's Olympic torch will use Hydrogen as fuel for the first time in Olympic history! #USA
  • J
    Great dividend reinvestment price today (Sept 7th), $8.13.
  • T
    Theodore N
    guessing we are now at a very slight discount. I'm trying to time selling CLM which is now at a 34% premium and the premiun increased 1% today and switching it for USA. already have a big allocation to USA. but it's like 5 funds in one and it's difficult to find a better performing fund.
  • T
    Theodore N
    The good thing about this fund is it has quality holdings, a great historical total return, growth and value portfolio managers, (2/3) and adividens that will increase as the market recovers. All we can do is patiently wait and maybe add more to existing positions. GLTA
  • S
    If there are no changes in the NAV the rights offering purchase price will be $7.92 per share. If stock stays at $8.60 you are buying at an 8% discount. Seems like a decent deal.
  • J
    this is for mitchell to answer your question as far as owning liberty allstar[USA]I had purchased this stock as an IPO it came out at $10. a share I bought 800 shares, this was back in 1986 and I continously over the years but not every year. I now own 31000 shares. all it takes is patience and time and I at the point that I stopped buying new shares just enjoying the rewards
  • g
    I have bought a few shares in both my IRA and taxable investment account. The IRA shares I am using the Div reinvestment plan but elected to receive a cash dividend in the taxable account for retirement income; retired early so no IRA withdrawals yet. For those of you holding this for the income, do you elect to receive a cash dividend or take the dividend in discounted shares and then resell the shares to generate income? I know it matters where the shares are held- tax deferred vs taxable, but I am hoping to hear how others address it. Many issues involved with return of capital vs Long vs short term cap gains vs qualified dividends, etc. thanks in advance.
  • L
    Premium now down under 3% and stock is off 11% from high 3 weeks ago. At 8.29 this seems like a great time to buy back in, or improve position. The top 20% of the total portfolio will be here for a long long time. ETF is large cap. History is solid. Rodney's research is close. USA gave investors opportunity to sell out at a figure larger than dividend a week before ex date in July and April '21. If that holds true for November ex date the upside is over 20%.
  • P
    The rights offering share number appeared in my Fidelity account and i called Fidelity 10/26 and they said they had not received instructions yet. Does anyone have a broker that issued instructions on how to exercise?