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Vale S.A. (VALE3.SA)

São Paulo - São Paulo Delayed price. Currency in BRL
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75.55-1.41 (-1.83%)
At close: 05:29PM BRT

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    I am staying far away from VALE- It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at
  • M
    Mister Sandman
    This is and will remain a cash cow during the next 20 years
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    This is my only investment that's in the green recently. How are people bearish on this? Am I missing something?
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    I don’t know what I would do without the help of Their watchlists are so well researched and help me make the best possible picks when it comes to investing. Not only do they save me time, but their advice has shown to be tried and true!
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    readers need to be aware that Vale announced the initial step in reorganizing its base minerals assets (approx $40 billion value) on 29 Sept. Stock up @ 6% on news. Long overdue move. If mgr of base minerals can fix all the other division's problems then Vale will begin to seek its true value which will reflect a much higher stock price.
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    Can't find the right stocks to trade? I have the fix for free
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    The market is about to get crushed...Are you prepared? do this now.Check out
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    .. no revenues, nothing to sell or ship .. promises, 2-3 years.
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    The World is in a World of Hurt. I certainly understand that many people have lost a lot of money me included.
    I am doing very well however and thought someone might benefit from an explanation.
    I started warning of Stagflation coming mainly on EPD Board and on SA the end of 2020 beginning of 21.
    So I got ready I withdrew to 100% Income holdings 98% of which are the best MLP’S.
    They possess the key ingredient to survive this Monetary Disruption.
    High Net Profit with High Cash Flow enough to share a nice distribution and still self fund growing assets.
    They deal in Must Have Products and Services so will go right on along as we break Stagflation with
    Recession and a slow Recovery.
    I got a head start buying unit’s when they were beat to death like VALE is now buying as much income as I
    could for this period. That is what is letting me not only survive but build wealth straight through.
    Our income the next 12 months is 25% higher than 2021, because of raised distributions and reinvestment
    of half our cash flow. I at, least temporarily, am up YTD double digits not the peak I reached in June before the
    decline but positive.
    I benefit from the Tax Deferred (Return of Income) which helps. This has made my wife’s future secure.
    I am using 2% to buy mines thus far with minimal success on a good day I am positive just barely but the
    central plan of income is intact. I plan to continue reinvestment.
    I am not here to brag I shared my plans all of 21 as I sold off good stocks but not Stagflation safe, T,F,PFE and
    on and on. My MLP’S are EPD, ET and WES a lot of units sending that wonderful CASH.
    Wish I could have held my peak but that was unrealistic, I will see it again though even higher as my income continues to grow; my Companies are all raising distributions first of the year.
    If you are holding any duds and I don’t mean Vale consider using Rolling Rebalancing to immediately grow
    your safe income.
    I know not any stock person in the Country would de diversify, they love that word but I didn’t want to end
    up negative which I don’t even like to think about if I had kept all those I even made good profit on CS at $11.30 when it got me half a unit of EPD.
    I sincerely hope this benefits someone. One more tale I sold GT at a loss around $11. bought WES at $8
    with that money; pick your place’s to double down and Triage the rest.
    Best Luck
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    Longs have reached the point of no return. They have no choice but to hang on and hope for a miracle.
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    .. one old Power Point Presentation - For Sale!
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    14 cents to the moon, bravo!
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    Same old news, inflation out of control.
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    .. throwing good money after bad.
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    Longs need a miracle. They bought something they didn't really understand. Now they feel it's too late to sell.
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    Imagine Charlie Munger bought this he would have had a heart attack
  • J
    My little subset of mines isn’t positive but it’s ok Vale is but got in Rio a little early FUSGY I have reasonable Basis. Got my RIO cash last night will get FSUGY Friday. Was hoping VALE would still be under $13 when some cash arrived I stay fully invested so Cash comes and I pick a good place to put it, looks like more ET.
    Maybe some more FSUGY will run the math in the wee hours.
    Best Luck Everyone
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    Sell the bump!
  • m
    Truist Financial analyst Jordan Levy initiated coverage of vale with a Hold rating and $10 price target.
    Sept. 28

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    Its been dipping for 2 years.
    How many more can you possibly want?