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  • F
    Every financial requires patience. The Market has been pretty bad until today it decided to surge. Everybody have Practically been Crying then It kept dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thank to Mrs Hollie Jason on🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼 Hollie_jasonFx , I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assets are insured due to her advice and I still receive my profit Whats👤App➡️+1(925) 553-4095
  • J
    I say give it 2-3 years it will be higher than it was ever before .
  • G
    It looks hopeless the vechain, it go more down then up.
  • Q
    Still holding 20k vet. If you believe and understand the concept and come back in 6 months you will be happy that you didn’t sell
  • M
    $1.50 usd within the next 6 months. Mark my words
  • P
    Yes, at $1, the market cap is still low to reasonable...on momentum it can rally to $2-3.
  • S
    Been holding since January and add regularly. This is my 5+ year investment. What happens in the meantime is irrelevant (unless it hits $50 in which case I can retire for good).
  • V
    Just to give you an idea, here are all of VeChain's strategic partners and Partnerships as of early 2021 :

    ·         China National Level partnership

    ·         Direct Imported Goods (D.I.G)

    ·         China Unicom

    ·         Kuehne & Nagel

    ·         DB Schenker

    ·         BMW Group

    ·         LVMH

    ·         Groupe Renault

    ·         Fanghuwang

    ·         iTaotaoke

    ·         Bright Food

    ·         LogSafer

    ·         Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co. LTD

    ·         NTT Docomo

    ·         People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC)

    ·         BYD

    ·         SBTG Surplus & Co

    ·         ENN Energy Holdings Limited

    ·         Republic of Cyprus National Level partnership

    ·         Fuji MARUMO Tea

    ·         Baijie Teng IoT Technology Corporation

    ·         BIOS Middle East

    ·         Reebonz Holding Limited

    ·         Fashion for Good

    ·         Haier

    ·         Norway in a Box

    ·         Walmart China

    ·         ASI Group

    ·         Anhui Tea Industry Association

    ·         Cointelegraph Consulting

    ·         Shanghai Gas

    ·         PlatformXChain

    ·         H&M

    ·         Sarah Regensburger


    ·         DNV GL

    ·         PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

    ·         National Research Consulting Center (NRCC)

    ·         Yida China Holdings Limited

    ·         BitOcean




    Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10

  • J
    Salesforce tested the VeChain Tool Chain for business service. Huge News.
  • m
    is this the start of the run back up to .27?
  • C
    On route to .20
  • A
    I have been holding VET since May of 2021 and so far all I see is comments on how great it’s going to do. Almost a year later I have lost about half my money so that great. Not sure why everyone constantly says how great it is. What am I missing?
  • $
    thinking of buying 10,000 of these coins and waiting until it hits a $1 ... good idea?
  • V
    VeChain = Cardano 2.0

    Don't miss your chance.

    Next year this time, we could be talking 1$+
  • D
    Make this week up to .15
  • P
    Having 43k VET long term, waiting for 1-3$ prices.
  • V
    When VeChain hits 1$ it's market cap. will only be $50 Billion.

    At 3$ it will only be at $150 Billion.

    Imagine the possibilities when VeChain's partnerships and application go mainstream and widespread.

    To conclude the 1$ mark will arrive much sooner than you think.

    This is your opportunity to buy VET. Make it count.
  • S
    Which platform you guys use to buy this stock? Any help will ne appreciated thanks.
  • T
    We need Vechain on coin base or other accessible wallets!
  • J
    Jim Cramer 💀
    Here we go again. My target still $1