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ViacomCBS Inc. (VIAC)

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  • M
    I've looked at the last 4 VIAC quarterly reports and I believe the revenue forecast for 3Q/21 is quite underestimated.
    VIAC revenues consist of 5 main items :
    1) advertising
    last 2 quarters show increase 21% (resp. 24%) y/y, so I take conservative 10% to get at least 2.4B
    2) affiliate
    last 2 q. increase 5% (resp. 9%) y/y, I take conservative flat number to get at least 2.1B
    3) theatrical
    A Quiet Place II was released May 28th, so no substancial Q3 revenue
    4) licensing
    due to AQP II (rank 1-2 for the whole July,Aug) and Paw Patrol I expect increase vs. Q2,
    my conservative forecast is 1.5B
    5) streaming
    due to 17% increase of subscribers in Q2 I expect also 17% increase of Q3 streaming revenue
    my forecast is at least 1.15B

    These numbers means total at least 7.15B vs. 6.59B analyst's average estimate (+8.4%).
  • J
    Buying on Monday another 4,200 shares if the price stays under $39
  • H
    Gap up tomorrow. Back to 39-40 range. Support and Resistance should hold until earnings
  • P
    Love the negativity and pessimism on this board - good indicator.
  • G
    I cashed out the stock and bought the 25 $45 Jan 2023 calls at $3.70. Its better to pull out $100,000 and place a long term bet shelling out only $9,250. I don't need the 2.4% dividend which I can do much better elsewhere. So I reduced my equity risk and took a long term bet on the buyout. I have waited 6 months which is long enough.
  • T
    There was a lot of hand wringing the last couple of weeks related to the threatened strike. Now that the matter has been resolved, let’s see how the market reacts.
  • e
    After Earnings , the PE ratio will be under 7 . Even a Goldman Sachs Buy rating has not moved this . What the H[ell is wrong here ? !
  • S
    Buying more with every drop. Thinking they will be bought out as they would immediately be accretive to whoever makes the purchase. Seems too good to be true at this price
  • J
    Futures up 400 points I guess we will be in the red tomorrow lol
  • D
    David Tepper’s Appaloosa fund cut its stake in the 2nd quarter by 58%. Hedge fund ownership has dropped from 86 to 71. We need more manipulation to get this sow to move
  • m
    I have been raising my stake as the stock consolidates at these levels. My assumption is that the Paramount+ numbers and earnings are going to move the stock.

    The bigger bet I am making is that VIAC merges or gets acquired by someone.
  • N
    Fairly heavy volume for a Friday I'd say.
  • J
    This stock never seems to participate in a market rally. 3.9 million shares traded? No one is interested in buying.
  • h
    NFT"s will lead to a limitless revenue stream.
  • M
    For those who still believe VIAC is not manipulated by hedge funds, here is the detailed explanation why and how HF manipulate this stock :
    HFs write options, which means they are selling option contracts to retail traders. At every strike price there is an Ask price for both CALL and PUT options, the amount of sold and currently open contracts is the open interest.
    At the moment, e.g. at the strike price $40.00 Ask = $0.60, open interest 7663 contracts (CALLs) and Ask = $0.79, OI 7745 contracts. So let's assume hedge funds at the moment made a profit $1.071.635 from selling options, similiarly you can count their profit at the other strike price.
    But that's only the first part of the game, after expiration they will have to pay premium to all option traders, holding options "in the money".
    So let's assume the price at the expiration will be $41.20. All $40.00 PUTs are out of the money, but they will have to pay premium to all $40.00 CALLs. This time paid premium is $919.560 (7663 contracts x 100 x $1.20).
    And now let's assume the price at the expiration will be $39.99. All CALLs are out of the money, all PUTs will get premium miserable 1 cent.
    In every situation HFs can count the best possible closing price, at which their paid premium is minimal.
    I hope it's not really hard to understand, why they have high interest to manipulate closing price.
    And now : how to do it? As you can see, the trading volume fluctuates during trading day. In times of low volume, they don't need to open too big short position to push the price down, very often they use very effective strategy called "ladder attack".
    Of course not every stock is suitable for manipulations. But in case of VIAC, there is every week very high options activity at the strike price $40.00, and daily volume (stock trading) is low enough to make these practices profitable.
  • N
    Sometimes I regret locking up so much capital in this stock when so many other stocks are flying. Maybe I'm being too patient. Maybe I keep thinking this stock will start moving way sooner than it actually will.
  • N
    Looks like it's on its way back up to the 39.99 Friday close. :P
  • R
    The only way this stock goes significantly higher is if Redstone decides to sell. Without that, it will take years more.
  • T
    I’ve been waiting for VIAC to do something in the NFT space, given all the iconic media content it owns: “ViacomCBS Enters Strategic NFT Partnership with RECUR”
  • J
    There is a large Oct 15 calls with a strike price of 41. And puts with a strike. price of 40. Expires Oct. 15 ... Tommow