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Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VLKAF)

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    May 4, 2022 - Operating result up at EUR 8.5 billion (13.5 percent operating margin) including EUR 3.5 billion positive fair value measurements in particular on hedging instruments
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    2023/2024 should see record profits for VW and Porsche..........jmho
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    VW has released preliminary figures for Q1 and they look extremely good. 8.5B operating profit before special items and special items includes 3.5B positive increase on hedging items. VW has also release Q1 vehicle delivery figures, which show BEV ramping, but sales have been limited by the chip shortage.
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    Hey guys why you say great Q1 result, I checked and deliveries are down big time and debt is growing, this is not great, scared to invest, please explain
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    VW is one of the worlds largest car maker...Steve Weiss ( cbnc ) believes VW/Porsche is worth a lot more.....jmho
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    Even if it fall to 120 due to multiple problems: high energy price, production stop due to parts lack from Ukraine. loss of factories in Russia and Russian market and risk for total stop due to Russian gas total stop and Chinese factories and market risks I will possibly buy a lot every 10% drop and will wait even a year if necessary: it will become great again!
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    Going under 10 is reality.
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    Jay Wrentmore
    I worked at Ford for forty years. Nevertheless, I trust VW to have the talent, engineering, capital, foresight, has withstood formidable set backs and will lead the future in EVs.
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    John Abraham
    I am buying around $5. Their EV business failed !
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    I am just passing this info on to those who are following VW and Porsche..A few days ago IG Market Limited wrote an article called Porsche IPO everything you need to know...After reading it I got even more excited about the spin off but you have to read it and decide for yourself.....JMHO
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    Are we flying or dying? The ER looks good to me, why only up 1.8%?? Share your wisdom!
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    VW's market share in the USA is 2.4%. Can't sell in America, you can't sell period.
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    Take a solid look at ticker ILUS my fellow investors - they are Nasdaq bound - uplisting in 2022. ILUS has patented firefighting technology. (Example: water mist nozzle for EV battery fires)
    They are in talks with Tesla regarding this patented technology. ILUS manufactures EV's / UAV's, and Drones.
    ILUS International has also entered into a massive agreement with the European Union and will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe.
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    Sideways is good - better than down
  • X
    VWAGY + IQST Up 17 % Week + SOLO EV Gain 22 % Week + ALPP Electronics +XOS Soaring 30 % month + FFIE EV.
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    VW and QuantumScape will lead the way in battery technology
    QuantumScape is far ahead of others
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    Video on the company on the Braun Capital YouTube page
  • S
    Summary for the 3 different stocks:
    POAHY is the symbol for Porsche Holding Co, but VW owns the actual car company Porsche. But Porsche Auto Holding Co. (POAHY) owns 30% of VW.
    VW - Owns Audi, Porsche, Traton, VW autos etc....
    VWAPY - non voting shares of VW. (In Germany called preference shares - but not preferreds like in the US. It is regular non-voting stock.)
    VWAGY - voting shares of VW.
    POAHY - Porsche Auto Holding Co. - Owns 50% of the outstanding VWAGY shares and so they control the VW company. 50.1% of VWAGY stock = 30% of the VW company.
    Going forward VW will IPO Porsche Cars and allow POAHY to buy 50.1% of the Porsche Voting shares and POAHY will sell their VW voting shares. So POAHY will control Porsche the car company and no longer control VW.
    The remaining 49.9% of the voting shares will be sold to the public or retained by VW. The Porsche preferred non-voting shares will be sold to the public.
    VW shareholders will not be given Porsche shares so that is why the stock has tanked. They will be given a special cash dividend.
    VWAPY and VWAGY will each receive the same cash dividend from the Porsche IPO. I can't believe there is a difference in price between the two given each receives the same special dividend.
    The other odd thing is the market is ignoring that POAHY will be selling their VWAGY shares. They own 50.1% of VWAGY and when they sell the premium between VWAPY and VWAGY that is currently $6 is going to shrink because of the stock sales and because the special cash dividend being the same for both. A $5 special dividend is a lot more money when I own more shares and you can own 25% more shares with VWAPY.
    That is the best I can do based on what VW has announced so far.
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    VW is not isolated just to Europe. Easy buy for me
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    This company says will build factory in 2023 and product rollout in 2026! What a joke, someone needs to wake them and tell them we are in 2022 in the era of Tesla where factory starts building in Jan and product is shipped in December! These guys are so shameless and high headed - look at their PRs.. all negative .. this problem, that problem … never talk about electric cars and how the numbers are doing in that segment which is what the entire capital world is looking at from last 3 years! As I said, someone needs to wake them up, they don’t know they are drowning fast!!