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VMware, Inc. (VMW)

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  • e
    love all that wokeness and female recognition by tech industry... GREAT JOB !!! ... meanwhile your company is going under.... BRAVO !!
  • B
    The board needs to hire a CEO with some personality that can connect with Wall St and major clients. These guys from India are a completely different culture. As businessmen they're just so out of touch.
  • b
    Debt. Lots of it. 9.25B worth. A good chunk of it with maturities extending out 5-10 years. Locked in at very low interest rates. Meanwhile, annual FCF running in the 3.5-4.0B range. Yeah, I don't see a problem with that. At all. They done did good doing the spinoff before the Fed started on its inflation-fighting tear.

    See p.83 at the edgar 10-K annual filing

    2017 Senior Notes:
    2.95% Senior Note Due August 21, 2022
    $ — $ 1,500 3.17%
    3.90% Senior Note Due August 21, 2027
    1,250 1,250 4.05%
    2020 Senior Notes:
    4.50% Senior Note Due May 15, 2025
    750 750 4.70%
    4.65% Senior Note Due May 15, 2027
    500 500 4.80%
    4.70% Senior Note Due May 15, 2030
    750 750 4.86%
    2021 Senior Notes:
    0.60% Senior Note Due August 15, 2023
    1,000 — 0.95%
    1.00% Senior Note Due August 15, 2024
    1,250 — 1.23%
    1.40% Senior Note Due August 15, 2026
    1,500 — 1.61%
    1.80% Senior Note Due August 15, 2028
    750 — 2.01%
    2.20% Senior Note Due August 15, 2031
    1,500 — 2.32%
    Total principal amount 9,250 4,750
  • J
    this company is going down... virtualization is free and who owns their own architecture except for banks and defense companies.. to be honest i can believe this company isn't a lot worse off.
  • K
    K B B
    The major cloud providers reported very strong earnings ... AWS, Google Cloud and Azure ... guess what powers them under the covers? It is not all hardware but a combination of physical and virtual components. And who is the KING of Virtualization? Earnings in two weeks will confirm.
  • e
    It's shocking that the stock price is this high... VMW's time has come and gone... virtualization is computing is what will eventually kill VMW... IBM's cloud offering includes their virtualization product for free albeit crude....AWS / Microsoft / Oracle provide license revenue... but so what ???... VMW's target market keeps shrinking
  • a
    VMware has 13 billion in debt and 13 billion in annual revenues.
    What's up with that??
  • J
    John Abraham
    I am worried about this big time. I saw funds calling investment program on PE based calls. This is totally horrible company.
  • C
    It's "virtually" impossible to make any money investing in VMW.
  • P
    Over 40% down the toilet….
  • P
    EPS not growing, Management team feasting with stock compensation, low returns for shareholders, this stock needs to be sold to fix valuation
  • B
    interesting eght and vmware price delayed on the open.......doing some sec testing?
  • M
    Why is VMW up $2 after hours . What has prompted this ?
  • B
    $20-30 is real value of this. Yes, the business is dead.
  • W
    The Special Dividend will be payable pro-rata to all VMware stockholders of record as of the close of business on the Record Date. VMware will announce the per share dividend amount following the end of trading on the New York Stock Exchange on the Record Date. That record date is Oct. 29.
    The payment date for the Special Dividend will be November 1, 2021 (the "Payment Date"),
    Shareholders of record of Dell common stock that are entitled to receive the distribution of VMware Class A common stock as part of the Spin-off will not be entitled to the cash dividend.
    Shares of VMware Class A common stock will trade with due bills from October 28, 2021, through and including the Payment Date of November 1, 2021.
  • b
    Not sure how I feel about the compnay coming fresh out of the starting gate and the CEO talks about potential major acquisitions funded with share issuances. How about focusing on execution and getting the share price up first eh?

    @@@Newly independent VMware Inc will look to pursue deeper deals with cloud computing providers and consider "large scale" acquisitions that could help the company grow, Chief Executive Raghu Raghuram told Reuters....Raghuram said now that VMware is not under Dell's umbrella, he wants to aggressively pursue more of those deals. VMware will also look to use its shares as a currency for buying other companies to add technologies to its offerings. "We are not a controlled entity any more. This allows us to use equity to do large-scale transactions down the road," he said. "Small, hot startups or reasonably valued big companies - it gives us access to the full spectrum."
    Newly independent VMware Inc will look to pursue deeper deals with cloud computing providers and consider "large scale" acquisitions that could help the company grow, Chief Executive Raghu Raghuram told Reuters. VMware on Monday completed its spinou
    Newly independent VMware Inc will look to pursue deeper deals with cloud computing providers and consider "large scale" acquisitions that could help the company grow, Chief Executive Raghu Raghuram told Reuters. VMware on Monday completed its spinou
  • T
    WOW, you would have thought their cloud business contracted, but know it went up 23%

    "License revenue, from the company’s traditional on premise software business,- was $738 million, up 3%, and ahead of the Street consensus forecast of $699 million. But subscription and software-as-a-service revenue—basically the company’s cloud business—was $776 million, up 23%, but below the Street consensus call for $790 million"

    It's not like VMW is seeing sales decline. What an over reaction. Last year their cloud business was $631M and they grew it by $145M - -> 23%. The street wanted $156M growth or 24.7%.............Ooooooo the horror of such a huge miss....

    Give me a break especially when you consider they beat eps by 6.7% $1.75 vs. $1.64.

    And the CEO/CFO said it was largely Asian customers being a bit more cautious and wanted to stay on premise. I get the cloud business is preferred, but they beat earnings by 0.11 and came in at $1.74.

    Their 2021 forward P/E is now 21.
  • M
    Finally showing some signs of life. We are still 10 - 20% undervalued. Until VMW gets out from under Dell, the market is going to hold us back.

    I can wait it out, but it's still frustrating that we get discounted like this. At the end of the day VMW beat earnings & revenue and raised guidance.... Just a matter of time before we make a real push higher.
  • J
    Basically, it is paying a 17% dividend on this Friday.

    And more importantly, VMware will be free to soar. Should be over $200 by Christmas.

    2022 is going to raise the roof!
  • b
    $NVDA conversation
    The following example showed how far ahead Jensen had envisioned and positioned $nvda for ai/cloud/edge computing. Pat Gelsinger, $intc CEO, was the former CEO of $vmw. In a VMware-centric article, Pat Gelsinger highlighted the partnership between Nvidia and VMware. It's very interesting how Pat was challenged by Jensen to think bigger with excerpts below:
    Some of the tech world’s biggest advances often begin with a simple conversation.

    In this case, the two people involved were Pat Gelsinger (pictured), chief executive officer of VMware Inc., and Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia Corp. Gelsinger was interested in capitalizing on VMware’s work with network interface controllers, hardware that connects computers with computer networks.

    “Jensen said: ‘Hey Pat, you’re thinking too small,’” Gelsinger recalled. “’Let’s do the entire artificial intelligence landscape together and let’s make AI an enterprise-class workload from the datacenter to the cloud and to the edge.’”

    Huang wanted to have Nvidia’s graphics processing units work like first-class citizens in the vSphere compute virtualization environment, according to Gelsinger. By using the smart NIC as a data processing unit, the entire network could be connected together in a new and profound way.

    “Now, its CPU, GPU and DPU, all being managed through the distributed architecture of VMware,” Gelsinger said. “We are rearchitecting the datacenter, the cloud and the edge. This partnership is really a center point of that.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!