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    Just imagine if this Vaccine approved.
    We are going to fly
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    bought when it was PANIC SALE from the UK dropping. Nothing wrong w/ the vaccine.
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    Up 10% at open. Any specific news driving that? I’ve been expecting a long slog back after the UK hit job.
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    ANTI-COVID Vaccine: EU Still Interested in VALNEVA

    3:20 p.m. Arno Laurenti
    The European Union is still interested in the Valneva Institute's COVID-19 vaccine and is continuing negotiations, the French government confirmed on Tuesday and the UK said it had just terminated its contract with the French-Austrian group.

    Credit: Unsplash

    "We have decided to continue negotiations with Balneva at the EU level," a spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy said at a weekly meeting on the vaccination campaign.

    Partially Nantes-based Valneva is developing a vaccine against Covid-19 that is still in clinical trials. Nevertheless, he has already signed a contract with the British government to provide 100 million doses in case of a positive outcome.

    However, the group announced this week that London had terminated its contract, a blow to the lab as it was the only order for the vaccine. Since this announcement, the title has fallen almost 40% on the stock market.

    He did not give detailed reasons for the layoff, stating that London had accused him of "failing to fulfill its obligations".

    However, the French Ministry of Economy said, "On the European side, contract negotiations conducted by the Commission on this contract are continuing for delivery in 2022 [...]".

    Negotiations between Valneva and the EU were also complicated. It stopped at the beginning of the year and then resumed.

    Several European countries, including France, are now relying on the vaccine to “diversify” the vaccine coverage, the defense ministry said.

    Vaccines using this technology are not currently approved in the EU. What is distributed is either messenger RNA (Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna) or viral vectors (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson).

    Also at the same meeting, the Ministry of Health stated that "in-town" health care professionals, including pharmacists and progressive doctors, will be able to order Pfizer/BioNtech vaccines starting next week, and will no longer be able to order just Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.
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    I have read the news of the contract termination on the BBC web site and reading between the lines, and THE EXTRACT BELOW, I do NOT think this is anything at all to do with Efficacy of the Vaccine, it is more about Politics and pure Agreement terms. Therefore hopefully once dust settles we will see the full position and wont be as bad as the share price indicates.


    "Valneva said on Monday that it would also look to other potential customers to ensure that the vaccines can still be used in the fight against the pandemic." END QUOTE

    That seems to indicate it is NOTHING to do with Efficacy, Vaccines etc, it is political or technical (agreement ?) problem.
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    Bit more information ,to keep the faith as it were.

    1. Its vaccine candidate uses a whole inactivated virus to elicit an immune response against coronavirus, a technique that can prolong the manufacturing process but provides greater coverage against all variants. Most other shots are designed to target the spike protein of the virus.

    2. The Vaccine is Manufactured ,at moment , in Scotland and is then shipping to the EU (European Union) for putting into Vials etc.

    I believe that if the Efficacy is as expected from the Phase 3 trials then if it works well against DELTA and MU , as it should do from type of Vaccine it is, then (a) the UK might well come back and order some again (b) The European Union and other Countries surely also will.
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    ANALYSIS FLASH: Goldman leaves Valneva on 'Buy' - target of 15.50 euros

    NEW YORK (dpa-AFX Broker) - The US investment bank Goldman Sachs has left the rating for Valneva at "Buy" with a price target of 15.50 euros. The UK's termination of the supply contract for the classically manufactured Covid-19 vaccine candidate VLA2001 was a negative surprise, wrote analyst Graig Suvannavejh in a study published on Tuesday. Despite the ambiguities and the risks to his estimates, he leaves his valuation model unchanged. Suvannavejh remains optimistic and sees other contract opportunities on possibly even better terms. Before the phase III dates expected in a few weeks, he sees an attractive risk / reward ratio after the price slump. / Ag / edh
    Publication of the original study: 14.09.2021 / 05:13 / EDT
    First transfer of the original study: date not specified in study / time not specified in study / time zone not specified in study
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    Given what happened between UK and France regarding the submarine deal, now we know what the “commercial reason” was for UK to cancel the contract with VALN. It’s all political, nothing to do with the vaccine itself, which is comforting to know.
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    I have a question if this guy from UK goverment told in an interview that they know that valneva would not get the approval before there is an official information from valneva, does he breaks a sec rule with this action? This are insider informations because they are not public or do i see something wrong here?
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    Quote from FT;

    "Health officials across the world have said that having a wider portfolio of vaccine options, using different technologies, is the best way to hedge against efficacy problems or supply issues."
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    The UK recently carried out a study on booster vaccinations. The researchers found that the Valneva vaccine lagged behind other vaccines in terms of effectiveness. As was already to be suspected on the day of the price collapse, Great Britain is concentrating on the most effective vaccines. How effective the Valneva vaccine actually is, however, will only be revealed after the completion of the phase III study and the announcement of the results in the fourth quarter of 2021.
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    France's Valneva VLS.PA in part because it was
    clear it would not be approved for use in the country, UK Health
    Secretary Sajid Javid said on Tuesday.
    "There are commercial reasons that we have cancelled the
    contract but what I can tell her is that it was also clear to us
    that the vaccine in question that the company was developing
    would not get approval by the MHRA here in the UK," he said in
    response to a question from a Scottish lawmaker.
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    So government took 300 mil pounds out of taxes, built everything ,plant,bought equipment ,hired personal ,provided orders,then provided additional orders and now these 300 million pounds are going to the bin,because they decided to cancel the deal.
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    Strangely VALNEVA closed on the Paris Euronext Exchange for about 10 minutes maybe. Now reopened for the next 20 minutes as usual. Not much changed with price, as was expecting an announcement and other open again down or Up but didn't change.
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    Good morning all. Why the liftoff? I can’t seem to find info. UK?
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    What you are not being told is the MHRA will not approve because of political, not preliminary effacy or safety reasons. You have to understand What is happening among the Tories. How sad nationalism is playing such a role in this pandemic. Didn’t see this coming. ...

    We all know the AZN Ox is not effective on variants.
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    UK pulling out gives Valneva an edge to finalize a contract with the EU, or any European country? Nope! If a contract with the EU is not finalized yet, the reason has not been lack of determination from Valneva's side. It has been the EU being too conservative postponing the decision to after phase 3 readouts.

    Does Valneva still has a chance to finalize a contract with the EU, or Germany and France in particular? Yes, the most important factor would be how effective their vaccine proves to be.

    All in all, I think though breach of contract by Valneva may be actually true, UK has acted on it so promptly since they are in no dire need for vaccines anymore. Have already vaccinated most and have many million doses from different producers at their disposal.
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    IMO, This will turn into a significant a breach of contract. VALN will get paid in the end. The EU will get involved because this is going to turn into a French vs British commercial fight. Not to mention the much less effective AZN formulation.

    if anything VALN will come out stronger because of this but only if P3 is strong. No reason to think it’s not.

    on another note, there was obviously a leak in the news last week with the drawdown to high 40s and the short position. All the factors taken into consideration and the stock should have been much higher. There has to be an investigation maybe someone in the British Government leaked, that’s my feeling. Complete BS but with the billions of dollars in this pandemic and the stakes are high.
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    Valneva Completes Recruitment of Elderly Participants in Phase 3 Trial of its Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine in NZ, hope this will cheers up yesterday’s downturn
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    Orders appear to be coming from France. The French people complained to the French government that Britain had lost the French vaccine. Contract article coming soon.17:45 EU is still interested in Valneva vaccine - first deliveries are planned for 2022. +++
    According to the French government, the EU is still interested in Valneva's Covid vaccine. "Contract negotiations with the European Commission are ongoing," a spokesperson for the French Ministry of Economy said. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2022. The vaccine is currently in clinical trials. The UK canceled orders for 100 million doses of the vaccine the day before, according to the Franco-Austrian company. This was made possible by contract terms. The British government claimed that Balneva had failed to fulfill its obligations. Valneva denied the allegations without further explanation.