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    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the VOD board. I like using ( now instead for my daily research.
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    Anyone else read ( Just got a tip about VOD from them.
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    UAE’s Etisalat Buys 9.8% Stake in Vodafone for $4.4 Billion
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    who wants a cracking dividend...well you have 10 days which will pay 3.806p (4.5¢) any incremental yield up to this brainer if you ask my it!!
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    Passive*- (*for a while)
    LONDON, May 16 (Reuters Breakingviews) - A cryptic new name isn’t the only puzzling thing about e& (ETISALAT.AD). The Gulf-based telecom giant formerly known as Etisalat has splurged $4.4 billion on a 9.8% stake in struggling Vodafone (VOD.L). For now Chief Executive Hatem Dowidar says he’s happy just to be a passive minority investor. The company doesn’t want board seats and has backed Vodafone boss Nick Read and his strategy read more . But with activist shareholder Cevian Capital pushing for changes including a possible breakup of the UK-based operator, such passivity may not last.

    With $600 million of net cash on its books, the $75 billion e& has money to spend. And Vodafone looks cheap. Including debt it’s valued at just 5 times expected EBITDA for next year, half the multiple investors attach to its new shareholder. Poor performance justifies the discount, though. Vodafone’s top line is growing at an anaemic 1% a year and its EBITDA margin is static at 33%. If Dowidar sees sense in Cevian’s thinking, it’s a short switch from passive to aggressive. (By Ed Cropley)
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    From 'The Telegraph': (Nick Read 'blindsided' by investment by former colleague)

    "The chief executive of Vodafone was left blindsided after a Gulf company run by his former colleague swooped on the British telecoms giant to become its biggest shareholder.

    Nick Read is understood to have met Hatem Dowidar, a former Vodafone executive and now the boss of United Arab Emirates-based Etisalat Group, in March following Mobile World Congress, an industry gathering.

    During the meeting Mr Dowidar is understood to have given no indication that Etisalat, which had just undergone a restructure, was preparing a raid on Vodafone.

    Etisalat’s decision to buy a 9.8pc stake in the FTSE giant for $4.4bn (£3.6bn) - a move that made it Vodafone’s biggest shareholder at a stroke - subsequently caught Mr Read and other board members by surprise when it was announced in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

    In a statement, Mr Dowidar insisted Etisalat was fully supportive of Vodafone’s strategy, did not want a board seat and had no intention of mounting a takeover.

    But the shock swoop piled further pressure on Mr Read as he prepared to present his company’s annual results on Tuesday.

    Since the chief executive took the reins in October 2018, Vodafone’s shares have fallen by nearly 30pc.
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    Vod does pay a good dividend!
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    Why VOD down so sharply today? I don't see any news?
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    Good day to load
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    All, vod (Vodafone Group) is preparing to go from 17 to 23 in the time frame of December of 2022 to March of 2023, provided that vod reports good results for the remainder of this year and that the market holds. Technically there is expectation built up in the charts for good quarterly reports for 2022, if the fundamental financial quarterly reports are good (meets expectation) then the target price high mentioned should be achievable.
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    IQST Fintech
    VOD Showing Over 10 % Gain in the Last 3 months as per Marketwatch. A Better Performance Than Other Communication Stocks.
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    For those who follow TA (Technical Analysis) vod is looking very good TA wise, following are some observations:

    1. Vod 200d MA is oscillating around 16.78, the fact that the 200d MA is oscillating means price ranges above and below 16.78 have been thoroughly tested.
    2. A price floor mean of 16.78 has been established from June 2019 to the present.
    3. Downward channel for vod was broken around Dec of 2020.
    4. Narrowing triangle of value has been established and honored, October 2020 to present time.
    5. Market lows for vod since March 2020 have been getting higher (higher lows)
    6. The 20 and 50d MA's are above the 200d MA
    7. The 20, 50 and 200wk (week) MA's are currently converging
    8. The 200wk is above the 50wk which is above the 20wk MA's
    9. The 20wk, 50wk and 100wk MA have already converged
    10. TA observations 7,8, 9 suggest a break out will happen soon (next 2 to 3 months) to go above the 200wk MA.
    11. 20m (month) is below the 50m which is below the, 100m and 200m, 200m/100m almost same price and 20m is on a positive slope. This suggest a long term break out going up is coming and there are plenty of references for retest and price consolidation.

    All of the above are bullish.
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    Mentioned on halftime report. Apparently, a lot of call activity in the stock.
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    If the war ended tomorrow, how much would you guess its end would affect VOD?
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    Press chatter says they are trying to buy 3. Anyone know anything?
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    Does this company do like at&t and slash the dividend?
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    I understand that there are problems in the world but what happen to the up swing thats causing this steady downswing. Well I guess I’ll just buy some more and wait on that nice dividend.
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    All, I am reading some posts on this board and they are not close to what Vodafone Group is doing now. Right now is the time to buy into Vodafone Group, below is some basic information:

    1. Vodafone Idea (the India Vodafone) no longer impacts the financials of Vodafone Group, in 2020 Vodafone Group wrote off Vodafone Idea in it's entirety and Vodafone Group has stated NO MORE MONEY will be given to Vodafone Idea.
    2. New management, was installed October 2018, Nick Read became the CEO of Vodafone Group.
    3. As stated in #1, Vodafone Idea was written off in 2020, in 2021 restructuring (creating development teams and purchasing businesses) is/was being done. Generally it takes 1-3 years for a development team to release a new product/service, during this time the development team is a pure expense, there is no product released covering its existence.
    4. Cash flow is about 2x more per share as compared to the rest of the industry, this is important, because of #1 and #3, the company doesn't have any profit or/and it's profit is low compared to the rest of the industry.
    5. Reason the stock is low, is because Vodafone Group looks lousy when you compare it to profit metrics and asset based metrics.
    6. 2021 Quarterly reports by Vodafone are impressive, they have achieved all of their advertise goals from the beginning of the year, grow in Germany, grow in Spain (a little not a lot), stabilize Italy, Increase market share in Africa and maintain in United Kingdom.
    7. As stated earlier, their assets are about 2 to 3x lower than AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile so asset based metrics and profit metrics look lousy, however they have been spending aggressively in buying development teams, these development teams should start releasing products/services in mid to late 2022 and 2023; at which time profit and assets will go up.
    8. Dividend is safe, unlike AT&T Vodafone Group has plenty of cash/income coming in to cover all expenses which include restructuring costs. The dividend, given that the market remains the same as it is now will only grow and currently you can get 4x the dividend amount than what a typical S&P500 pays.
    9. The worth of a management team is can they and will they make hard decisions, they have, the new management team wrote off Vodafone Idea in 2020 and they have closed Vodafone stores in Spain, while investing in growing markets and services.
    10. Now is the time to buy, long term, this is a buy and hold, for the dividend and expected stock appreciation in the next 2 to 3 years given that the market doesn't crash.
    11. If you guy Vodafone now to trade short term, you are pretty dumb in my opinion.
    12. Of all the large telecommunications companies out there Vodafone Group IS the best deal by far.
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    Share buy backs and moderate debt reduction. VOD economics are going to start to compound in a big way. Too much cash dropping to bottom line for this to be forgotten much longer. Not likely anyone going t ouse less cell phone service over the next few years.
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    Following article is bullish for Vodafone, Vodafone has stated that it's revenue stream is still 40% below pre-Covid 19 levels and have stated that as the European economy improves that Vodafone revenue stream will improve. This is totally separate from the opex program reduction efforts and there buy down efforts on debt. This article along with the other articles released on Vodafone essentially state to expect better future financial performances, meaning that Vodafone stock is going a lot higher than the $16.57 price it is right now.

    So future expectations for Vodafone are:
    1. Future revenue going up for three reasons, lower churn, economy recovering and market expansion.
    2. Lowering of debt and opex, meaning financial metrics will improve
    3. Focus on turning around Italy, Italy revenue loss is stabilizing QoQ and will soon turn into an asset
    4. Focus on value and they are starting to show the financial numbers, such as raising EBITDA, lowerig opex, and lowering debt to show they are serious, this means two things, stock price will go up in the future and dividend will increase.

    So yes, Vodafone at $16.58 right now is a buy both for short term as well as long term investment.