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    Vodafone Sues U.K. After Losing Bid for Hack-Proof State Hotline

    Ouch !! UK will give the embassy contract to
    Tokyo-based Fujitsu Services Ltd. was unfairly awarded the 184 million-pound ($254 million) contract to upgrade the secure network connecting 532 U.K. embassies and other locations, according to Vodafone Group Plc, which has sued the government over the process.

    The Echo 2 contract is designed to connect Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s ministers, staff and agents in more than 170 countries, as well as the British Council, the U.K.’s international cultural outreach body.

    Both bidders failed to meet minimum quality thresholds, with a London judge saying Vodafone’s scores were worse than Fujitsu’s, according to a judgment published Wednesday. A spokeswoman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office declined to comment.

    England-based Vodafone turned to the courts after losing the long-term embassy contract held by Cable & Wireless, the firm it acquired in 2012. A spokesman for Fujitsu declined to comment on the proceedings.

    “We do not believe this procurement process has been run properly,” a Vodafone spokesperson said. “The procuring authority themselves stated the Fujitsu Solution is ‘not fit for purpose.’”
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    LONDON (Reuters) - Vodafone said it would add nearly 7,000 software engineers to its workforce by 2025 to develop more of its own digital services across Europe and Africa.

    The British company said the investment would enable it to build products and services faster and cheaper in technologies including Internet of Things, smart networks and cyber security.
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    VOD is a dividend stock nothing else. Stop trying to make it a growth stock. You wouldn’t get rich on this one. Your stock base will lose money and that’s a fact Jack but if you are looking for a dividend and don’t care much about your base short term than VOD might be for you. Been holding since 2014. There you have My 2 cent.
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    The U.K. is upgrading the system and suggested there are risks by sticking with the current one run by Vodafone, which is “outdated”, which the mobile carrier disputes, according to the ruling. Full details of the contract weren’t disclosed in the decision, after Judge Timothy Kerr cited national security concerns and said the information “could be useful to persons wishing harm to this country.”

    Vodafone said the U.K. acted unlawfully in awarding the contract to Japanese rival Fujitsu Ltd after initial tenders without allowing further negotiation, according to court filings.
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    They had some interesting insights about VOD on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    just like other bosses where`s the big improvement in the share price mr read, they need to cancel future dividends to pay down debt interest rates are going to go up. not sell assets or float of towers.
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    Hello everybody, please how ofeten per a year is a dividend on this title?
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    Why is this stock so cheap? Quite remarkable.
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    Could VOD be setting itself up to be bought when the market slows and inflation sets in? Someone with a lot of cash or need for debt could buy it to avoid inflation.
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    " Corporation KT and Vodafone Group PLC VOD, each carrying a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). "
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    Technically weak, and mobile phone industry as a growth industry is over. It is aged into utility business. $15 or under worth consideration for the dividend. VOD's EU market appears to be turning around. It has growth potential in Africa. Not certain if India is still a big drain for the company.
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    During five years of share price growth, Vodafone Group moved from a loss to profitability. That would generally be considered a positive, so I am surprised to see the share price is down.
    I have noticed that the dividend has fallen in the last five years, so that may have contributed to the share price decline. The revenue decline of 2.0% per year wouldn't have helped. So the the weak dividend and revenue data could well help explain the soft share price.Should I wait for a miracle, a new management or take a hit and go somewhere else … this is a question I struggle at the present moment :):):)
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    okay, who's going to buy this company?? I say they take it out at 20 real soon
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    Can anyone provide some insight on the Mpay mobile payment system that Vodafone has developed? Is this intellectual property worth anything if this was spun out from the company? Thanks in advance.
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    Buy @ "double dip" ! 52 Week Range $13.20
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    vodafone might be worth buying @ £0.70 to £0.80, until then the risk/ reward is poor.
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    This year the dividend was pretty good. So far, in 2021 I received a net dividend equivalent to 5% p.a.
    How about that?
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    why no earnings dates listed?
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    All, I would highly recommend that you buy into vod (Vodafone Group) right now, as long as the market stays about what it is now or better, vod is a excellent buy right now. I have held minimal shares of vod for the last 5 years and have NOT bought anymore till now. I purchased a minimal amount of stock about 5 years ago such that I would follow vod, this is because if I do not own any stock, I generally do not follow it. So I have been following vod for about 5 years, checking their financials, fundamentals and seeing if they could dig their way out of the Vodafone Idea mess (the India purchase). They have, what happens to Vodafone Idea today, present news, no longer affects Vodafone Group, vod, even though several posters keep posting what is happening to Vodafone Idea and implying that it weighs on Vodafone Group, it doesn't, period.

    The present financials look really good for a turnaround company, the only thing weighing on vod is the high debt/equity ratio 1.07 where as the industry average is 0.74, however vod cash/share is almost 2x the industry average, meaning with time vod can pay down their debt, which they have been doing. Also vod management team is now going for value, instead of being the biggest, baddest cell phone company in the world which they tried to do when they created Vodafone Idea. The hang over from Vodafone Idea was taking out huge loans, directly or indirectly, one can say they got in debt because of 5G spectrum purchases, but my point is they would of had plenty of money had they not purchased the India cell phone company.

    Long story short, NOW IS THE TIME to purchase vod, as long as the vod management team goes after value and is on the path to become a trusted dividend paying company, then this will be a good company to hold and NOT to sell, at least as long as vod management stays on the value path.