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  • G
    Any opinions on VPMAX being a strong fund for 2021 and beyond? I'm a little concerned about its Moringstar 2 star rating.
  • A
    If one has, say, 1 share at, say, $100, and then there's a distribution of either $50 per share OR 1 additional share, which causes the share price to drop to $50, it's all the same. One ends up with either 1 share at $50 plus $50 cash, or 2 shares at $50 each.
    I've had this holding for decades and it's performed wonderfully!
  • K
    Was today's downward move just a rebalancing of the fund? Finding it difficult to believe that ~10% "drop" would have occurred otherwise.
  • A
    Income distribution $1.71.
  • A
    Capital Gains distribution on 12/22 of $13.30. Don't know income distribution yet. Wow!
  • T
    You now have more shares at lower price.
  • L
    I don’t know why anyone could complain against this fund. I have made a lot of money trading this one.
  • R
    VPMAX went down substantially on 12/17/2019 (Tue) as a diverse index fund. Anyone knows what happen on that date? Any news on the underlying stocks?
  • R
    I had my 401K 100% invested in VPMAX, sold it all 2 weeks ago. This mutual fund just isn’t actively managed as it should be or it would be performing much better. Doing 3x better trading stocks on my own. Good luck to you all.$$$$
  • L
    I think I’m selling this one today. It’s been a nice ride but I’m taking my profits off the table. Good luck
  • M
    Today the Dow is up 1.6%. The top 10 holdings of this fund are all up by similar percentages. But the fund is down by over 1%. This doesn't compute.
  • r
    Biotech heavy it’s worth 140.
    Just wait. Managers are rockstars on wall street. Look it up.
  • C
    graph shows gain...why ytd gain -1.92%
  • A
    So sell go to cash and earn .001%. Drop won’t last long as no other place to go for trillions of cash!
  • R
    How do you get a ytd return of .7% when I think it is down about 5%?
  • R
    I don't understand why so much money is invested in healthcare.
  • M
    All Vanguard funds basically are passive. The actively managed funds stay fully invested and even hold stocks that go to zero often. They hire the least qualified managers and pay them accordingly. Yes, funds are cheap fees wise, but their returns are less than average.
  • N
    wow. this fund down a lot
  • J
    ytd is over 9% ????? more like 4%
  • Z
    Mutual funds are Institutional and Buy and Hold strategies which is most true investors like Warren Buffet. Key holding can sit idle before they break out. Anyone that invest in Direct Stock knows this.

    They are no day traders. There are incubation period where where a stock will hold steady then Break Out like INVIDIA.

    You can go to the fund website and you can access the section called investing. You'll find the Prospectus there.