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Vestas Wind Systems A/S (VWS.CO)

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At close: 04:59PM CEST

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    Primary profit generated through service contracts. Once the 15 mw turbine comes on line, it will be a profit generating product for the massive offshore market. Supply chain issues and the uncertainty of future Covid effects keep a lid on product income.
    I like the efforts underway with hybrid projects.
    Keep the faith.
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    Are you guys part of ( They just talked about VWS.CO
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    What’s up with the 16% pre-market drop?
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    If climate bill passes in US, which seems likely, it’ll jumpstart offshore wind farms.
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    The climb towards greater profitability will run parallel with signing of US energy bill in coming weeks.
    Production tax credits will make a major difference as they did in previous years.
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    Vestas Wind A/S : secures largest order ever in France
    06/22/2021 | 05:59am EDT
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    News release from Vestas Mediterranean
    Madrid, 22 June 2021

    TTR Energy has placed a 122 MW order for the Sud Marne wind park, to be located in Marne department, France. The contract includes the transport, supply and installation of 30 V150-4.2 MW wind turbines, some of which to be delivered in 4.0 MW operating mode, as well as a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement.

    "We are really proud of partnering with TTR Energy for Vestas' largest order ever received in France. We expect that the reliability and high competitiveness of our 4 MW platform will contribute significantly to increase the yearly energy production of the wind park and optimise our customer's business case", says Vestas France Country Manager, Hugues Faivre.

    Turbine delivery is planned by the second quarter of 2022 and commissioning is scheduled the fourth quarter of 2022.

    Vestas installed its first turbine in France in 1991. Since then, the company has led the country's wind industry with over 5.8 GW of wind capacity installed and over 2,300 wind turbines. These numbers position the company as the main contributor to the expansion of wind energy in France, with a 30 percent cumulative market share.
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    Chris K
    Foreign Pink Sheet Stock Splits (ex. VWDRY)

    When a foreign company splits from one share into several shares the OTC shares held in the U.S. may not or likely will not also have an increase in the number of shares, dropping the value of the OTC shares. I lost 75% overnight when Abengoa Energy split. Watch out for $VWDRY’s split this month. Please check for emails from your broker regarding this split.
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    Great article at Forbes on windpower in Germany

    Jun 22, 2021,01:23pm EDT|257 views
    Tumbling Renewable Energy Costs Add To Arguments For Countries To Ditch Coal Power
    Dominic Dudley
    Dominic DudleyContributor
    I write about business and politics in the Middle East and beyond

    Government Seeks Rapid Overhaul Of Climate Protection Law

    The Lippendorf coal-fired power plant photographed on May 10, 2021 in Lippendorf, Germany (Photo: ... [+] Getty Images

    The cost of renewable energy continues to fall below that of conventional sources of power such as coal, according to the latest global estimates - providing further arguments for green energy adherents to push governments to retire coal-fired power plants sooner.

    According to the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the cost of concentrating solar power (CSP) fell by 16% last year, with onshore wind costs dropping by 13%, offshore wind by 9% and solar photovoltaic (PV) by 7%.

    Solar PV and onshore wind power are now consistently cheaper than fossil fuel-powered plants, while offshore wind and CSP plants are generally able to compete head-to-head against conventional sources.
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    Bobby L
    Bought 955 shares at 19.85 a couple days ago. C'mon wind power and sail this baby to 30.
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    These guys are market leaders in an industry poised to grow leaps and bounds in the coming decades. Offshore wind is going to be huge. With giant capital intensive barriers to entry, Vestas have a solid advantage. I love this company, this is going to be great in a few years.
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    As vestas continues to diversify in this exploding RE market, shares will grow in value.
    The board in savvy.
    I’ve been invested in this company for > 15 years.
    Put the shares in the vault. Enjoy the ride especially in the next year or two.
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    Sam Sara
    Today, last day of 2021, they reported 1000 MW in orders. Not too shabby. It just shows that despite a tough year of inflation and materials shortages, Vestas is alive and well and in forward gear.
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    Solid financial update today. Increase from Euro 34Bn to Euro 43Bn order backlog. An increased dividend despite Covid. All signs of a company with a
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    The nascent hybridization using wind, solar and energy storage with Li ion battery and green H2 generation is early in the game, but a necessary game changer if we are to mitigate against the climate change scourge.
    Vestas is already a partner in that vision as noted in Australian partnership.

    Hold your shares tightly.
  • k
    Solid earnings, let’s see if the markets are in good spirits towards clean energy tomorrow
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    Reconciliation bill seems to be thrown into serious doubt of passing soon, if ever.
    The effects will cast a major negative effect on the momentum of RE progress. Bad for Vestas, worse for the health of our despoiled planet. Let’s hope Dems can work this out.
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    time to add some more - this will turn and its a save long term bet
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    Anyone knows the final outcome of the us tax bill regarding tax credit cuts for wind energy?
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    Seems I missed a few:
    01 Sep 2021
    Vestas wins 396 MW EnVentus order for wind project in Australia
    02 Sep 2021
    Vestas showcases EnVentus platform with 189 MW order from Algonquin for two wind projects in the USA
    02 Sep 2021
    Vestas wins 101 MW order in the USA!
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    As climate change worsens and the world realizes they must act, more and more orders will continue to come in.