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    I noticed some anti-vaxers arguing about the data in Ireland on twitter today. Basically, it seems to show that an extremely high percentage of Ireland has been vaccinated but they are having a lot of infections and death from Covid, leading to the argument that the present Vaccines don't work as advertised, and that, according to the posters, you can't trust the current crop of vaccines to do the job.

    To some extent, we have seen that the RMA vaccines do get a quick development of nABS which are pretty effective, but have less effect on stopping the D version from causing infections. Still, the RMA vaccines seem to have quite a lot of protective effects after an infection occurs, so the world wide results completely disprove the anti-vaxer's arguments IMO, but there are some side effects and these RMA vaccines from PFE, Moderna, and J&J have their limits in helping the world gain vaccine protection.

    The podcast I recommended the other day featuring Larry Brilliant, a highly qualifed recoginzed experts on vaccines, and who played many roles in vaccine development, clearly pointed out what is needed. His opiniion is that Covid is not going away and we are in a world struggle to get a better, more effective vaccine or combiniation of vaccines into WW distribution. He did not mention VXRT, but he described the vaccine that is needed and VXRT attempt at developing a pill vaccine exactly fits the bill of particulars that he described as ideal. I have no doubt in my mind that VXRT is one of the real leaders working on the real best and most important vaccine. The current crop of vaccines will be supplanted by a more effective one that will be similar to what VXRT is trying to develop.

    As a result, I am highly confident that VXRT is going to garner more attention from WW governments, and will get funding help to develop their pills. While it seems like a "long shot" to many who think in short terms, it is really almost a dead on certainty that VXRT is going to gain more attention as time passes, even as the MRK pill and other remedies are found to help the sick. What is urgently needed is something that vaccinate the world and protect againt Covid mutating into a worse virus. The world must deal with this issue and their is no one on the verge of developing a mucosal vaccine delivered by pill except VXRT to my knowledge. Do your own DD and research, but VXRT has already shown their pills are active against Covid, and time will tell how this new version with the S only features will do. GLTY.
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    Indrid Cold
    Remember what Sean Tucker said:
    “At this point, there's not really any competition from the standpoint of an oral vaccine platform. There have been other oral vaccines that have been marketed, for example, that you might be aware there's an oral polio vaccine that came out years ago, and there was also an oral typhoid vaccine. But there's not really a platform technology, something that can be used for any different indication for oral. I think we are pretty much the farthest ahead when it comes to developing something that could be used for many, many different indications.”
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    Think about this. Cummings. $8.44 exercise price on 300K options. Do you really think someone of this caliber and resume would accept this if they didn't know something and/or believe in something?

    Current share price is a gift!

    Have a great weekend to all my long and short friends. We disagree a lot, but having fun doing it!
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    Repost due to its importance and a true long liked it.

    * Why Vaxart's S-only vaccine candidate for Phase 2 will be good *
    1. Highly immunogenic on eliciting T cells, to both S and N (reported higher than PFE & MRNA)
    = The strongest long-lasting immunity for years

    2. IgA(antibodies) to SARS-COV-2 induced in serum, nasal, and saliva
    = Stops virus at the gate, disables any virus passed through, and reduces virus airborne transmission.

    3. T cell and IgA cross-reactivity to diverse endemic coronaviruses
    = Immunity againt all current and future Coronavirus variants.

    This is the perfect vaccine that science can ask for and the world needs!
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    There's no vaccine for the norovirus approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The virus causes some 20 million illnesses a year, and its annual financial toll is roughly $10.6 billion. Vaxart estimates a $10 billion market opportunity for its norovirus vaccine in the U.S. alone.
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    Indrid Cold
    Vaxart doubled office and manufacturing space less than a month ago after growing from 20 to 100 employees.

    "We're looking to bring on new people," said Vaxart CEO Andrei Floriou, who has seen the company grow from about 20 people when he joined nearly 18 months ago to about 100 today.

    Floriou wouldn't say how many more people Vaxart will be hiring, except that the company will "grow significantly." The new jobs will be in research, manufacturing and quality, he said.
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    Shares short must be around 50% float...
    Drop from 24$ to 6$....they keep shorting at 8, 9 and 10$.
    HF algos set up...will not let it go up unless we have 5$ jumps...FOMO..short squeeze.
    This will happens once the testing begins and results trickle....
    FDA emergency use authorization will take this to 80$ one knows when??
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    I have bought many shares, the risk/reward is very good.
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    Vaxart is not for any candy #$%$ investor! As a Long, vaxart is very attractive with a high Reward to Risk ratio! Im in for the long haul. Come on vaxart?. lets make history!!!!
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    bought 3000 holy Grail trinkets today
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    125M shares outstanding, Institutional Shares (Long) 42,793,224 - 39.09% (ex 13D/G). Picking a batch up of VXRT
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    Garza 759ify
    Fourth covid wave will prove how ineffective and short-lived the immunity of 1st gen injectable covid vaccines have been. VXRT providing long-lasting immunity that ends the virus becomes invaluable, as everyone on earth wants to invest into this gem.
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    David Disano
    The bashers have been saying after each and every wave of covid its all over.
    Vaxart is late to the game they are done for. Well its so over folks scientists are predicting a 5th wave.
    They're predicting it'lll be worse than the others.
    Yup listen to your local basher they have all the answers. The pandemic has been over for well over a year now.
    We may see a modest surge from travel over the Labor Day weekend, but the real test will come in about two months
    We may see a modest surge from travel over the Labor Day weekend, but the real test will come in about two months
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    getting antsy waiting for VXRT to finally provide some info that they've started dosing for Ph2 Covid and also started Ph2 Novo
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    Taken from a tweet on 10/6, not really sure how important it is, but anyway long and strong Vax.......

    $VXRT with relative vaccine efficacy trial (rVE) for C19 (versus mRNA vax). All future C19 trials will likely be rVE - and a faster path to approval than Pbo controlled...
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    Imagine waking up every day to post on a board of a stock you don’t own just to chirp at people to tell them they’re losing money, even though you have no idea what they’re holding or how much. So sad.
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    Garza 759ify
    Injectable 1st gen covid vaccine stocks, including antivirals and treatments, that are believed to be a source for durable revenue stream(PFE CEO Albert Bourla statement), will face an inevitable crash, when the governments discover that truly effective, cost-efficient solution is only a miniscule fraction of the cost they are currently paying to continuously treat patients, vaccinate people, vaccine storaging and transport and paying for trained professionals to administer said injectable covid vaccines and boosting them with treatment, antiviral drugs that have to be taken by dozens of amounts in several days.
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    oh man, i have been holding on to a large part of my shares i bought 2019, and i have been monitoring the SP ever since…i am a very patient investor…i already developed gut instincts all these years with Vaxy, this will pop up again soon i can feel it…make fun of these comments for all i care…for sure i will have the last laugh bwahaha😎
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    Oral and intranasal vaccination against S protein induced robust systemic and mucosal antibody responses
    Post-vaccination, the oral and intranasal groups had higher serum IgG and IgA, as well as higher bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) IgA compared to control animals
    Oral and intranasal vaccination accelerated clearance of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and protected animals against disease
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    I was seriously super furious when last week they came out good news .. expecting for it to soar it went down. today no news ... the rest of the peers mostly are doing better .. and we drop a 3% ... what is happending JJ / All-in ? ive listened to you guys and trying to maintain patient but .. what is really happending .. why are people dumping it with large volumes ... something we dont know is happending ? pls share thx .. cut lost ?