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Vaxart, Inc. (VXRT)

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    Updated Vaxart Inc. website
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    M Khan
    Covid is spreading fast in California, all of a sudden, many are getting infected with the Covid virus for the last few days! No matter how well they are Covid vaccinated today

    Need a Protective mucosal immunity / vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, like VXRT offers
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    Did anyone check out the shiny new website?
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    Does not seem like it affects VXRT, but maybe some intern will raise their hand and say, "maybe we need a knew approach?"
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    I missed most of the first half of the QA meeting last week. Did the company confirm/mention that the US Ph2 trial results will still be published early q3 this year?
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    When watching the 6-22-22 Q&A Presentation: The first thing that came to mind was " I am watching Honest Faces Presenting their Truths. Vote.
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    $50... could... very... well... be... coming... perhaps... by... December!!
    BUY... AND... HOLD... FOR THE GOLD!!
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    all in
    For the record, VXRT is up 4 straight days and going for 5 today.
    Will it be doable?
    Go Vaxy!
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    Big Doug
    July 6 is next week. can't wait for more stock dilution. I might be buying a few shares after the dilution. woohoo
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    Big Doug
    I'm still waiting for someone on this board to tell me what products Vaxart has on the market.
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    Lets cut to the chase... one question for the dougies and georgies of the board... Do you believe that vaxart will receive funds when the covid bill is eventually signed.... is money in that bill set to go to vaxart? yes or no
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    I'm taking the chance on vxrt,it's worth the risk
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    David Disano

    From Knowridge Science Report
    Recent studies show that patients who have or are recovering from covid-19 then contract a sometimes deadly fungal infection known as mucormycosis -- also known as black fungus disease.

    Scientists from the CDC found that cases of the disease are hitting patients in the United States.

    The condition is caused by a variety of naturally occuring fungi that are typically harmless but can trigger illnesses in folks whos immune systems have been depleted by illness including covid-19.

    It can also develop on the skin after the fungus enters through a cut, scrape, burn ,or other skin trauma. Once established "black fungus" disease is tough to treat.
    In some patients it may result in the loss of the upper jaw or sometimes an eye.
    The cure may also include 4-6 weeks course of intravenous antifungal therapy.
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    Guess who is not going to do any PR this week again? 😂
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    all in
    Vaxart closed at $2.70 on the last Thursday and it closed at $3.78 today;
    (3.78-2.70)/2.70 * 100 = 40%. That was 40% gain in 5 trading days!
    As usual, anywhere in 2s was a buy.
  • L
    After listening to Vaxart board cast yesterday it is my opinion that they could be approached by Big Pharma to buy them out especially with the stock price being so low. Only my opinion.
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    TGIF. with Corvid-19 cases rising not only in America but UK and Canada and after the WHO and Fauci mentioned we need a 2nd generation of Corvid-19 Vaccines and the Vaccines need to
    stimulate mucosal immunity and thus is more effective in stopping transmission of virus and it'svariants. They want the development of oral vaccines global effort too.
  • J
    Phase ll is cleared to start in India is great news.
  • a
    all in
    All of PRs from Vaxart in 2022 other than conferences and earnings:
    - Positive preliminary preclinical data protected hamsters against Omicron
    - Positive preliminary data Norovirus Phase 1b trial
    - Published the results of a Duke University-led preclinical hamster transmission study
    - S-Only Candidate Produces Strong-Cross Reactive Mucosal and Systemic Immune Responses in NHP