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    A favorable result from the vaccine pill's phase 2 trial would help to prove that its headliner oral vaccine technology is workable in the real world. As of now, the company's next planned data update is in the first quarter of 2022. Data derived from animal models in earlier experiments were largely positive, so a confirmation of those results in human subjects would be huge for shareholders.
    Vaxart is also advancing its pill for seasonal influenza, which concluded and reported its phase 2 trial results in January of 2020. Per the trial, its flu vaccine pill appears to be 39% effective at preventing symptoms, which is significantly better than the 27% effectiveness of one of the existing flu jabs on the market, Fluzone. Once Vaxart decides to move forward with its influenza pill, investors will have a chance to realize some upside upon the initiation and conclusion of its next clinical trials.
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    Here's where Vaxart stands right now. The biotech started a phase 2 trial of its vaccine candidate in the fall and expects to report data in the first quarter of this year. The candidate showed strong killer T cell responses in its earlier human trial. And a trial in hamsters showed the candidate reduced viral shedding more than injectable vaccines. If the same is seen in humans, it could mean Vaxart's candidate actually reduces coronavirus transmission. That could be big news. Vaxart also is beginning studies this month to test its candidate against the omicron variant.
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    David Disano
    Did you know that 268 major investment institutions own Vaxart.
    As a matter of fact they own over 46 million shares.
    Or another way to look at it 37% of the float.
    Now I dont know about you but major institutions seem to know more than the average stock holder.
    But I bet Clarissa and Raj know more then 268 institutions like Blackrock, Statestreet and Vanguard to name a few.
    Just ask them.
    Dont you guys?
  • A
    What's going on:
    Inflation concern -> 10-yr bond is 2-year high -> shift from growth to value stocks.
    Let the market adjust itself. Biotech is looking for a rebounding point.
    Any discussion, both positive and negative, specific to a company is irrelevant at this point.
    This will make many many biotech companies very attractive for M&A though...
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    For one thing, Vaxart is developing a whole platform around oral vaccines, and has other candidates in its pipeline. This isn’t just a desperation attempt to latch onto the current pandemic.
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    Norovirus and flu results in Q1 may be enough to make everyone feel confident enough for the Covid vaccine success.
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    There will be some on this board who won't like this post, but oh well! Outside of the longs that are patiently waiting for the news they know will be coming in roughly mid Feb (Noro P1b Boost & Noro Ph1 Age Esc) results and Ph 2b Covid results there isn't really much in the way of expected news to help boost the share price. Perhaps NHP news and/or lawsuit judgments but that's about it., and those expected results may already be priced into the stock; we may see a small and maybe not even long-lasting increase in price from this news. Quit clamoring for daily news. Vaxart is not really different than any other biotech company - results of trials and news are provided when ready. They typically don't have idle news reports just to help share price. They know it will be what it will be and when it will be. They realize the share price should be the result of news (good or bad), and will just end up with more lawsuits if they just randomly throw out tidbits to enhance the stock price. One needs patience with a biotech that is coming out with a new product or products. We need to take a long term view as long as we are confident that the product will succeed. Share price gains or losses based on our buying price need to be put in the back of our mind. We all would like to see the price increase but that's not always realistic without news. Good luck to all
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    David Disano


    Yup you bashers are right.
    The current vaccines have this all under control.
    As a matter of fact Raj will tell you the Pfizer pill even though it works like over the counter cold medicine for controling colds is the holy grail for covid!!
    Then the CDC is saying Covid will NEVER end.
    So Raj and Clarissa not only know more then 268 financial institutions including Blackrock, Statestreet and Vanguard but they know more then the CDC.
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    “The wild card: T cells

    Studies of immunity and SARS-CoV-2 have primarily focused on antibodies. This is partly motivated by the fact that levels of neutralizing antibodies correlate well with the degree of protection from severe infections. But it's also because it's relatively simple to measure antibody levels. By contrast, virus-specific T cells are very difficult to characterize. Yet, in part because they recognize the virus through a completely different mechanism, T cells could provide a degree of immunity even if antibody-based protection fails.
    Instead of just recognizing only the proteins that are exposed to the blood stream, T cells can potentially recognize every protein made by a cell. That's because cells chop up a small number of the proteins they make and display some of the fragments on their surface. T cells are able to recognize when any of these fragments are unusual, either because the cell has picked up mutations that alter its proteins or because some of the proteins it is making are encoded by a pathogen.
    There are several types of T cells that perform different specialized functions. The two major contributors to the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 are what are called helper and killer T cells. When helper T cells recognize a cell that is producing unusual proteins, it starts making lots of signaling molecules that activate other immune cells, including antibody-producing cells.”
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    David D:
    But market is down

    Vaxart: down for a year even as market was reaching new highs

  • G
    I expect these events to occur with Vaxart.

    Positive NHP study results released

    Janssen Vaxart partnership agreement

    Legal litigation payout or dismissal

    Positive Phase 2 Result this quarter

    Expecting the agreement very shortly with Janssen.

    There is too much Vaxart expansion activity. Atwill operations to be announced soon with Vaxart.

    These items should raise the stock price.

    On paper I am down $300K, however please understand this not a reasonable evaluation of the stock value. I still own each share and fully expect the price to escalate after the events occur.

    Be patient, I am a long-term EXTREMELY BULLISH VAXART INVESTOR!

    Have a great day!
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    God is not great
    I just saw a post from David Disano talking about 10 days to cover...

    I figured id make this post for all to see so hopefully no one else misunderstands what they are reading.

    the 10 days is NOT how long it takes to cover, 10 days is on average how long shorts WAIT to cover.

    and darkpool is NOT how many shares are secretly being shorted, Dark Pool is how many shares are AVAILABLE for shorts to borrow.

    Currently about 19% of this stock is being shorted (Thats not alot) and 50% of this stick is intentionally available to be borrowed. That means that if 100% of all short interest wished to cover their position right now, the trade would be immediate.
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    My primary care doctor recently told me that the medical field is becoming increasingly interested to the T-cell abilities of certain vaccine possibilities. The efface rates of these big pharmaceutical vaccines may not be as promising as originally thought and yearly vaccines will be required. The T -cell medications will act quickly triggering the immune system causing less serious health issues or death. Interesting let’s see what happens. The logic is now not if but when the public will get the virus making T-cell medications all the more important.
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    We have been extremely worried and terrified shorting this stock from 20. Out concerns grew even more when vaxart announced its vaccine pill doesn’t actually produce antibodies. In fact we doubled our short position.
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    Norovirus study NCT04875676 updated today. Changes include status now says Completed vs. Recruiting. Primary Completion of July 30th and Study Completion of October 30th both now read as Actual vs. Anticipated. Enrollment of 30 now reads as Actual vs. Anticipated. Also minor change of retitling Cohort Arms for the 4, 8, and 12 week boost.
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    IMO Andrei Floroiu CEO needs to be replaced with a reputable leader to be more transparent and get Vaxart moving to accelerate toward meeting Corvid-19 Oral Vaccine PH-2/3 milestone requirements. Vaxart needs to focus on releasing more PR news on the development of all their pipeline products (Norovirus, Flu, etc) on a biweekly basis to give stock owners and potential stock buyers a incentive to want to invest in the future of the company.
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    Vaxart is unique with it's Vaast platform. I saw a similar event with Novavax and it's unique Non MRNA vaccine.

    In sales and marketing this is going after a valuable "niche market"

    Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft are all "niche markets"

    Success in business is based on percentages following "cause and effect " based upon normal expected responses delivering products and services to
    a necessary market.

    When you "carefully " evaluate Vaxart, the organization, the team, the advisors, network and the activities being undertaken...


    This is why I have made substantial investments in Vaxart. I recommend purchasing stock to my professional associates as well as friends....

    Why... I believe in the product under development.

    There is no gain to me in these recommendations except I want them each to be more financially secure in their own lives. I want their families to be more financially successful so they will be able to do more to help others also.

    I look for red flags objectively daily however I am pleased with the steady slow sure progress and am more confident than ever.

    There is lot more going on behind the scenes not revealed at this time.

    I am a long-term investor and bullish about Vaxart!

    Have a great day and be thankful!
  • D
    David Disano
    Almost every single biotech is down today.
    Plus the entire narket is down.
    I cant just hear it now.
    Raj or Clarissa claiming victory for all their hard earned basher posts.
    You made the entire market go down. Wow you 2 are good.
    You both earned 1 gold star each and can play in the sandbox now.
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    Breaking news! Piper keeps Overweight price target $18 says booster will be ready mid 2022!
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    I want to thank everyone on this message board who takes the time to study, research, evaluate and post valid Vaxart information on this board. Your thoughts, theories and suppositions should make each of us seriously analyze our financial investment. We must not be complacent, but be critical thinkers. We must have a mindset which reasons a wide range of scenarios asking "what if" based not on emotions or gut feelings but objectives.