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  • T
    20% dividend increase to 0.30 and significant repurchases!!!! Take that to your local Wells Fargo bank!
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    John G.
    Before we pop the corks over the 25% increase, let's recap. We had a $.51 dividend in May 2020. We went to $.10 FOR A YEAR. Doubled to $.20 for 6 months, then to $.25 for 6 months and now a promise of $.30. We were at around $55/share in May 2020, down to $21 back up to $58 and now at $40.

    So excuse me for not popping any corks for a chance to go to $.30
  • B
    WFC just boost their dividend 20% and is now about a 3% yield. They also confirmed significant capacity to execute on common stock repurchases... Not too shaby!
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    Increasing dividend and shares buy back are music to the ears.
  • M
    When do they announce capital allocations? Before or after market today?
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    Increasing dividend and share buy back are positive for the banks. Interest rate rises and increasing spread are great for banks. Thus, continue to increase dividend.
  • T
    These returns to shareholders despite the ongoing rev cap. I'm amazed.
  • J
    John G.
    Double the Dividend to so it is back where it was. That will raise the share price. Stop using our capital in buybacks to artificially game the share price. Are the buyback shares going to be retired, so my value share of the company actually increases?

    Put the buyback money to productive use instead or pay it to the shareholders as a dividend without them having to sell to get anything back. Oh how about stopping the scandals and making this a well run company? Free up the scandal reserve funds.

    You want the share price up, because it makes you think you are richer? Reverse split.
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    Many insiders were buying could mean further positive news of capital cap release. Increasing dividend and buy back show that WFC is strong, and still raking in increased interest earnings, and benefiting from higher interest rate.
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    The Company expects to increase its third quarter 2022 common stock dividend to $0.30 per share from $0.25 per share, subject to approval by the Company’s Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled meeting in July. Additionally, over the four-quarter period beginning third quarter 2022 through second quarter 2023, the Company has significant capacity to execute on common stock repurchases, which will be routinely assessed as part of the Company’s internal capital adequacy framework that considers current market conditions and other risk factors.

    "Wells Fargo remains in a strong capital position, as confirmed by this year’s CCAR stress test," said CEO Charlie Scharf. "We are well-positioned to support our customers and communities, while also continuing to return excess capital to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases."
  • D
    Soaring interest rates have pressured banks' home lending portfolios as the increase in borrowing costs is dampening demand for mortgage originations.

    Investment banking revenues are down industry wide as fewer companies are choosing to go public and company stock prices are plunging as economic growth slows.
  • R
    WOW ! DOW, daily close below 30K. New resistance level.
  • j
    This bank has not kept up with the market
  • b
    The only time I would buy is in the 30-32 range
  • T
    Investors in Wells Fargo have unfortunately lost 16% over the last 5 years / Simply Wall St. / June 20, 2022

    For many, the main point of investing is to generate higher returns than the overall market. But in any portfolio, there will be mixed results between individual stocks. So we wouldn't blame long term Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) shareholders for doubting their decision to hold, with the stock down 27% over a half decade. It's down 28% in about a quarter. Of course, this share price action may well have been influenced by the 19% decline in the broader market, throughout the period.

    Now let's have a look at the company's fundamentals, and see if the long term shareholder return has matched the performance of the underlying business.

    To quote Buffett, 'Ships will sail around the world but the Flat Earth Society will flourish. There will continue to be wide discrepancies between price and value in the marketplace...' By comparing earnings per share (EPS) and share price changes over time, we can get a feel for how investor attitudes to a company have morphed over time.

    While the share price declined over five years, Wells Fargo actually managed to increase EPS by an average of 4.7% per year. So it doesn't seem like EPS is a great guide to understanding how the market is valuing the stock. Alternatively, growth expectations may have been unreasonable in the past.

    By glancing at these numbers, we'd posit that the the market had expectations of much higher growth, five years ago. Looking to other metrics might better explain the share price change.

    Arguably, the revenue drop of 3.8% a year for half a decade suggests that the company can't grow in the long term. This has probably encouraged some shareholders to sell down the stock.

    The graphic below depicts how earnings and revenue have changed over time (unveil the exact values by clicking on the image).

    [See link to article to view the graphic mentioned in the article]

    Is WFC's dividend sustainable?
    No. Unstable dividend track record

    Has there been substantial insider selling at WFC in the past 3 months?
    Yes. Significant insider selling over the past 3 months
    For many, the main point of investing is to generate higher returns than the overall market. But in any portfolio...
    For many, the main point of investing is to generate higher returns than the overall market. But in any portfolio...
  • H
    What is so crazy is we need to see roughly a 50% move to get back to February high
  • d
    Wells Fargo is undergoing a major transformation under CEO Charlie Scharf. But controversies and layoffs continue to dog the bank. ................. Business Insider ................. 6-23-22

    --> Wells Fargo has laid off some employees and fired others in its mortgage division.

    --> It's also faced scrutiny over lending and hiring practices.

    --> Here's the latest on what's happening at the bank, and how its CEO is changing its leadership ranks.
  • J
    Jim Cramer said WFC is a strong sell until the FED stop raising rates - this stock may drop to $7
  • M
    smoke Screen Charlie will effectively neuter this bank and after 5 years this bank will be taken over by one of the other big boys..