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Washington Prime Group Inc. (WPG)

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  • J
    Ok - what happened? Who would be buying a stock for $1 that’s about to be delisted and only worth $0.82?
  • R
    Could it be owners of less than 12,000 shares accumulating the minimum 12,000 shares necessary to get the new stock instead of 82 cents cash per share?
  • T
    After delisting who much will the common stock holders shall get in cash? I am reading 0.82$ somewhere. Am I right?
  • J
    Does Any Body Know This?
    All current WPG equity holders should read through the latest reorganization plan to understand the risks of ownership. Or check out WYCO's comments on the WPG reorganization at Seeking Alpha. The most importantly, be aware that the plan indicates that equity in the new company will not be listed or traded on the OTC or any other markets. There is a minimum ownership requirement of 12,000 common shares or 4,000 preferred shares to receive shares in the new organization otherwise you will receive cash for your shares.
  • K
    Karl Baba
    $WPG After officially filing for delisting with sec form 25, It's a virtual certainty now that WPG will be worth 82 cent when delisted (Give or take a penny) That certainty will make it very hard to pump last minute.
    For those still holding long, selling now at 95 cents is 13 cents more a share you can do something fun with instead of throwing away.
    Since the end game is fixed, I have no personal stake in people selling, just saying, no particular honor in going down with the ship
  • .
    WPG represents the darkest side of Capitalism, and a government that is run by shysters. CEO and cronies bk the company, walk away with pay and bonus, and even get high level positions in the new company that is formed out of the bk. Meanwhile, the everyday sheep stockholder is the bag-holder, they are ruined, all is lost. CEO is not even held accountable for his actions, promises, the misinformation. No wonder Socialism is getting such traction now.
  • C
    For anyone still thinking it will trade on the OTC, here is the relevant quote from the PR...

    The Company does not intend to arrange for listing or registration of the Common Stock or Preferred Stock on another stock exchange and does not plan to take any action to facilitate trading on an over-the-counter market.
  • t
    WPG: stock price over 0.82 is a gift and bonus. Take it when you can.
    CBLAQ: Equity Class get 11% of Newco. Stock now below 20 cents. This can pop big time.
  • s
    and to all those that laughed at me yesterday for going long at 0.915. seriously good luck target is only 1
  • r
    The big dive is coming soon; it will happen quickly too ...
  • K
    Karl Baba
    WPG filed the form 25 to the NYSE making official their request for delisting. There will be no new ticker nor any stock trading after Sept 29th. Common shareholders will get 82 cents, give or take a penny
  • D
    P/S=.07 P/B=.15 P/C=.45
    Even a complete liquidation of assets would give you a yield higher than share price. Not to mention squeeze potential. if 10,000 people each invest $1,000 in common shares we smoke shorts and raise price to only half the book value.
  • P
    Prem K
    CBLAQ at 18c is a lot better, it gets 26c equity value and get listed

    WPG get unlisted and/or cash at 81c
  • C
    If you own puts or calls for existing WPG common stock, what happens to the options when the existing shares are extinguished?
  • s
    long 20000 shares
  • S
    I have above 300 shares what should i do? Sell it or keep it?
  • A
    Don’t be tempted to buy WPG because it will definitely go below $1 when it starts trading on OTC.
  • C
    What's the news on WPG? Are the meme traders focusing on WPG and PEI again today? At the moment, the WPG share price is up around 25% for the day. And the share price for PEI is up around 12% so far today.
  • .
    WPG is the best run company listed on the NYSE, most honest CEO and cronies, great future, very profitable, and management is so mindful if the bag holding sheep. This will go only one way.
  • Z
    Is the stock price now guaranteed to fall from here? Why it is stabilizing at $1.28?