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WISeKey International Holding AG (WSKEF)

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  • m
    I am staying far away from WKEY - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at (
  • t
    Reverse split 🤷🏻‍♂️ unbelievable
  • H
    Sold everything ahead of split and will never ever come back
  • v
    Great buying opportunity here. This is the bottom for this stock
  • J
    WISeKey recently announced joining forces with Ocean Protocol to launch WISeART Market. This could be a potential platform for a strong joint. On the other hand, it is said that these other companies could be bridging the gap between international brands and the gaming and eSports communities. Do you love to play games? I'm sure you’ll love this sponsored post here too! Check the disclaimer on the landing page.
    Know Why E-Sports Is An Industry with Mouth-Watering Growth Potential
    Know Why E-Sports Is An Industry with Mouth-Watering Growth Potential
  • d
    GREAT BIG DEAL: WISEKey just announced it will launch a Secure Marketplace with CasperLabs today!

    This went pretty much under the radar as traders are distracted by the ipo of COIN and dealing with the stock market correction.
    Hopefully this will catch the attention of investors tomorrow and boost WKEY up...
    not a pump and dump, but recognizing this is a quality Cybersecurity, best of the NFT companies, and a semiconductor manufacturer as well!

    In addition, Semiconductor chips are in short supply these days so that should be factored into the value of this stock!
  • J
    This is headed to $50+ huge potential with NFT market. This will be leader in it's space just as the CEO stated, the Amazon of NFT!
  • A
    How many here for a good long term? I belive 30+ in near future
  • M
    If they end up auctioning a Hublot, and make the purchase both the digital and physical item, things could get interesting. That could be a big mover. Next week will be something
  • b
    To all longs

    WKEY is a long term investment beyond NFT.

    I won’t be surprised if WKEY go up beyond $50 per share in the near future. Even $288 per share is not impossible.

    I won’t be shorting WKEY.

    Mark my words.
  • K
    If you are on the fence about investing, do yourself a favor and go to their website...check it out thoroughly. I see tons of potential here. I got in as a momentum trade today. I went and did some research. I'm long on this for the next 5 years or more easily. Tons of upside, very little debt and they have patented tech that can be applied to a lot of different assets both physical and virtual. Unbelievable company, so glad to have found out about it!
  • N
    Parrot’s range of ANAFI drones offers secure, ultra-compact, rugged and powerful tools to gain a new vantage point, collect valuable data and improve safety and efficiencies for a variety of sensitive flights. Parrot’s latest ANAFI USA drone further elevates the security-focus of the ANAFI platform through features including secure network connection and authentication, robust data encryption and privacy features ensuring that end users have total control over where and how their data is managed.
  • T
    If we look at the possibilities, then WKEY has a huge potential as a cybersecurity company compared to other NFT companies.
  • b
    If you look at all news of last months, then WiseKey definitely is launched for a big future. Only 20M shares! Keep them for the big rewards! (Amazon like...)
  • G
    this trend can't die because it's involved in more than entertainment & art security this apply to mortgages, fight against identity fraud many other things. I missed zooms run to $500 I knew covid wouldn't slow down an this is similar not selling
  • K
    CEO speaking on CNN Today hold shares
  • J
    Jason M
    How this company hasn’t run more is mind blowing to me. It’s by far the most innovative and real of the NFT stocks
  • D
    sup folks! WKEY is one stock that, to me, is going to be one of the top cybersecurity stocks to have EVER graced the market; i predict it to blow within 2-3 weeks MAX; and 2021 to be the year it makes its mark; enjoy the upcoming awesomeness!!!
  • A
    Up to this point I wondered why anyone would sell this low. I had a large position and recently sold 2/3 of the position, luckily all above my cost basis. I still have a position large enough to take advantage of any run up but small enough not to continue hurting my account on a daily basis. What is happening with this stock is a shame, it seems like a great company but cannot maintain any positive price momentum. Luckily many other stocks in my portfolio are doing well and overcoming any loss from my WKEY position. Good luck to all, I hated cutting my position so much but cannot take the daily bleeding while every indices in the market is at or near all time highs. Makes me wonder what this will do in any type of correction. Best of luck to all, let's hope for better price's in the future.
  • V
    Only trading at 5-6x revenue whereas competitors are trading around 60x revenue. LOTS of room up! Exciting stuff