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The Western Union Company (WU)

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  • R
    I agree with Johnny. Like I said a few weeks ago, this stock is a good one to trade. Just be patient and watch the trends. I just hold and sell options but I know that is not for everyone.
  • M
    So, this week will End green for WU, ay?…..
    Asking for a friend
  • T
    Every stock that has a very high dividend % wise, gets sold short a few days/ weeks before ex dividend date. Then it recovers some.
  • M
    Aaaaand down again it goes…..
  • R
    Waiting for $12.67
  • g
    Started position in 15s....who knew it would collapse. Pretty straight forward company though. Collect dividend and wait for Capital appreciation. Would sell if it reaches 18s..
  • T
    Trading Ideas
  • R
    I have owned WU for a long time. I just keep selling covered calls , take the dividends and not worry so much about the stock. It goes up and down but the money just keeps coming in. Crypto to me is like monopoly money. Sure many people have gotten rich but many people have lost their life savings as well. I am an old fart who has been trading for a living for over 30 years. Everyone has an opinion and I respect that.
  • M
    Red, every day red….
  • H
    Where are they going? Abraham Lincoln drove for them. What would Abe make of the internet?
  • g
    This looks good to me from historical P/E ratio and at this price point.
  • K
    #$%$ over? Nice earnings beat, div very the Hell is this thing down 6%? i guess people hate money. WU ain't going anywhere. This is time to accumulate shares.
  • D
    DB C
    5 year chart not winning any awards…. Management needs to pick their heads up and innovate.
    The competition is eating WU alive…. and they’re nearly ready to spit out the bones.
  • B
    What the h ell?
    11 new 52-wk LOWS in S&P 500, incl:
    Disney $DIS
    ViacomCBS $VIAC
    Activision Blizzard $ATVI
    T-Mobile US $TMUS
    Bristol-Myers Squibb $BMY
    Cummins $CMI
    Citrix $CTXS
    PayPal $PYPL
    Western Union $WU
    FleetCor Tech $FLT
    MarketAxess $MKTX
  • I
    $MGI conversation
    we are crushing any new fintech in terms of revenues and soon in EPS, and growing fast. Alex frustrated with sell side analysts for not recognizing the progress that company has made so far and given facts that those same analysts give competitors much higher multiples despite their growth slowing and moneygram's accelerating, think they miss the fact that prey becomes a predator and can not only fight back but to take their projected digital share.

    for a comparison,
    $MGI trades at 4.5 multiple to EBIDTA, has $815M debt
    $WU trades at 7. multiple to EBIDTA, has $4B in debt.
    $WISE trades at x23 multiple to revenue, 0 debt?
    $remitly has $5B valuation (could not find their metrics)

    Global money transfer market is $600B estimated, plenty of room for MGI to grow their digital business as 60-70% of that market is still legacy walk in.
  • F
    $MGI conversation
    Shorts have always been active on this stock for as long as I can remember. I strictly remember being ridiculed and disliked for comments like " I am buying more every 5 cents it goes bellow 2.3" . This doesn't make shorts dumb, they have their own interests we have ours. But this isn't the stock to short unfortunately (for them;) . Like I said may 13, 2019 'longs, history will show we are making the right decision'.

    Today I can happily say it has. Furthermore, today September 15, I can say same thing why don't we talk about this in February?

    As for now, like my other stocks I am going to go ghost on this account and will only answer questions from the new people getting in. For the rest of you- ignore the bs-.

    P.S read this post from another thread, if you still want and see why I am so confident:

    TWO years ago $MGI was at $17! There is nothing to say that it won't easily get there by the end of the year! Remember, $MGI revenue ($1.4B) $WU revenue ($5.6B). $MGI is 25% of $WU. Market cap $MGI $0.29B and $WU $9.5B today. That means that $MGI is generating 25% of $WU revenue but is only 3% of the market cap! Hmmmm......With $50M from Ripple, efficiencies in non-VisaDirect payments from $XRP.X, 1st to go live with Visa-Direct.....Can anyone tell me why $MGI would not be able to pay off the remainder of their debt AND continue to grow? Even if their Market cap is 25% of $WU that would make them a $2.3B company with a stock price of $49!

    BTW, MGI transaction prices are current;y 500% CHEAPER THEN WESTERN UNION. NOW YOU TELL ME.

    Peace out.
  • H
    MoneyGram International, Inc.
    interesting in the new financial report Western Union has set aside 2 and 1/2 to 3 billion dollars for acquisition.. they need to get this done it is important for both of their survival
    $mgi very important hint from $wu 2Q financial report “Anticipate approximately $2.5 – $3 billion in dividends and share repurchases (if no significant M&A” Allocation Priorities
    1)M&A 2)Repurchases very strong signal that @WesternUnion is acquiring @MoneyGram
  • G
    It stayed afloat for the most part YTD in comparison to broader tech market. We stick to undervalued companies with great Div. Today will be bought
  • I
    $MGI conversation
    Few more for you:
    1) $WU is shopping, looking to acquire weaker rivals, with a goal of a) synergy & b) digital strategy
    2) Last time (2015?) there was a rumor of a buyout by $WU, and they quickly came out with a denial, not this time though.
  • H
    Very little reaction to the BIG deal with Amazon: $1 billion estimated revenue opportunity for a company with $5.6 billion in revenues sounds like a lot to me. Under the radar?