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National Health Investors, Inc. (WX6.F)

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  • B
    thinking about switching to OHI. higher dividend + lower valuation. thoughts on that?
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    Market Shares
  • D
    The company is fine, the dividend is very good, but the stock isn’t gonna go anywhere in the climate they’re in. Too many rent deferrals, occupancy should be higher, etc... Until Covid is gone, if ever, this is simply gonna lag the market, there’ll be no growth in their numbers, just a slow decrease continuing for the near future at least...
  • j
    Very good and encouraging NHI financial results. One of the best senior health care reit with high profit margin, increasing yearly dividends and low payout ratio. GLTA
  • 4
    Zack called out a sell for NHI. I bought a lot during yesterday's dip. Zack's is always 180 degrees out of sync on their recommendations.
  • S
    $.90 dividend payable to shareholders on record 12/31/21 and payable 1/31/22
  • V
    Varun Valmiki
    NHI Fundamental Review:

    Net Cash Flow from Operations - DOWN $20.6 Milll from last year
    Gross Margin - DOWN .27% from last year
    Total Assets - DOWN 0.4 BILLION from last year (liquidating assets to pay debt)

    According to analyst : National Health has about a 72 percent probability of financial distress in the next few years of operation and has generated negative returns over the last 120 days.

    As for the dividend - expect to see a steep cut of 30-40%.

    Full disclosure: I'm an option trader- I currently have puts for $50.
  • P
    I am shareholder of $NHI. In addition to being a shareholder, I also have a family member living
    in a continuous care retirement community. The CCRC has banned all outside contact and are
    screening employees for temperature and wellness before they can enter the facility. The
    CCRC is taking all precautions to protect its residents.

    When this crisis has passed, and it will, there is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity
    to purchase the shares of this company at prices you may never see again.
  • J
    John Doe
    So, once The Virus has been at least subdued, and life is getting on, it doesn’t seem to me that retirement homes and facilities such as those owned by NHI will cease to operate. If anything they will have an increasing number of users with the aging of The Boomers. People might go to fewer malls, restaurants, cinemas, etc, but aging is not an option. The need NHI businesses will not subside. Fear will surround placing a loved one in a home for awhile, but necessity will prevail.

    Does the market think NHI will be bankrupted by lawsuits? Otherwise, it seems the businesses will continue to be viable, perhaps more so that assets owned by retail/restaurant/entertainment oriented REITS. Right?
  • S
    Moody’s downgrade and Earnings announced Monday. What are peoples thoughts?
  • V
    For those who buy and hold: This is one of the best dividend payout stocks around. I wouldn't worry too much about the recent deferrals. The old people housing business will always be in business. It's so cheap now and trending upwards.
  • A
    Another one to load up on after the election volatility plays out.
    When everyone’s buying the tech dip I’ll be buying high div plays like this!
  • S
    Steve F
    Congratulations to everyone who had the guts to plug our nose with one hand, and use the other hand to click buy around this time last year. The so-called experts say to never try and time the market, I say BS.
    Dollar cost averaging isn't all it's cracked up to be. Take the dividends in cash, and when an opportunity presents itself (like it did last year around this time) put that cash to work.
  • B
    I bought more this morning. this is undervalued. long term perspective is good too. #Agingsociety
  • B
    Shouldn't we have received the quarterly dividend by now?
    I see it's usually paid out at end of June.
  • S
    Keep the faith... Once the Vaccine gets distributed globally, this will be back up at its all time high in no time.
  • C
    Loading up. Great dividend
  • m
    NHI did NOT reduce the dividend in 2008-2010........a real financial crisis as compard to today's media induced covid panic. Also, and aging population and the end of life is the business of NHI. Plus fitch rates the company's financials stable...............NHI IS A BUY WITH ITS HIGHEST YIELD IN ITS HISTORY.
  • g
    Bigger position with OHI but I started a decent size position as I feel this is undervalued. Will collect nice size dividend while I wait for capital appreciation