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Monero USD (XMR-USD)

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194.10+14.40 (+8.02%)
As of 06:14PM UTC. Market open.
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    Invest wisely and watch money work for you. Write Mrs Joann Felix to get equipped with necessary information and proper trading guide in other to be strong financially
    Facebook - Joann Felix
  • J
    Monero is the only crypto where the fiat value don't matter....
  • m
    If you are wondering why or what’s with this: * it’s actually predictable since January “ read below”
    Whats the narrative/ story these days?

    - Feds, Regulators in popular economies speaking of overseeing and actively/ quickly cracking down on Crypto control. (Recent headlines on this)

    - Ukraine-Russia conflict shows you an extreme example of hawking and stalking certain finaceurs and what/ where/ who is getting, spending, sending money in relation to that war. Many people with billions have assets frozen, are in shaky to low confidence on how secure there money is. (International blocking and tracking billions from many ppl creates fear of needing to transition funds securely then before conflict war)

    - tax season in some countries, current headlines on money laundering again through crypto (billions seized recently due to most billions nit in Monero unfortunately as the money was to great fir XMR market at current value to be funnelled) so BTC led to the capture of some big fish. (Imo another reason ppl misunderestimate the future of Monero will be at least 100billion much much much sooner then later.

    Ppl are in an uncomfortable environment currently, they feel there finances are to open and can’t trust the easy access to theyre funds. They fear taxation on certain trades made in the last 2 years. They fear being watched on big transactions or movements. They are trying to find a anonymous area to secure big funds. Monero is the exact crypto for the times we are facing right now. Don’t be fooled by the banning concerns, the very negative risks of Monero is exactly the opposite affect in the market size, it is a positive thing for Monero. Nothing will stop decentralized exchanges and other regulated/ legal countries from trading Monero.
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    FFIE ULTRA Luxury EV
    A STRONG XMR - USD Recovery from 1 year Lows.. Still Over 100 % in GAINS Coming when it Reaches its HIGHS.?
  • C
    5k in 2030, privacy matters
  • G
    Massive order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again.
  • m
    Any new person wanting to know what you’re looking at with XMR (Monero). You are looking at the ONLY real Bitcoin that had ever existed today thanks to Bitcoin, monero fixed the one factor Bitcoin had only missed. You’re money shoukd only be you’rs to do with however you like without anybody else being able to view you’re transactions and holdings. This is the final solution of how money will finally be valuable-since 1971 abolishing of the gold standard. 50 years of worthless money is now fully completed with this privacy token.
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    Sir Benjamin
    Monero target $ 5000
  • A
    I bought crypto for the first time and switched it to monero... dang, bad timing awards.
  • S
    Whoever calls trading gambling has obviously never heard of 'ultimate crypto alerts' (search them) cuz they are right 100% of the time with their research
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    It takes money to make money, if your not determined to take risks you won't make money, although my friend try stopping me, when I made a chance to make millions of dollars from coins and it was of no regrets since I started trading.
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    monero is the real bitcoin
  • C
    Zrx is poppin since they were added to coinbase. Was alerted to buy days before by ultimate crypto alerts. Feels good to be a baller
  • J
    Monero will be one of the last standing. They can't stop it, going to $500 quickly no matter what bitcoin does.
  • r
    Nice dip, good entry point? 🧐
  • J
    They are trying to get everyone’s Monero. Won’t happen. Monero is what BTC wished it could be...
  • D
    please stay undervalued for few more months
  • S
    Senior Saguaro
    More & more nations banning privacy cryptos like Monero and requiring the exchanges that want to operate within their nation to ban privacy cryptos like Monero.
    Where you going to sell what you already own?
  • m
    buy 10 xmr wait the next 10 years. thank me later
  • W
    Wall-E YiTz
    This deserves to be $2000 for many reasons. One which we all know but won’t say 😊