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    I'm done with pizza hut and YUM Brands. YUM brands pushing their woke culture initiatives on children has made me sell my stock. No way I'm going to give my hard earned investment dollars to a management team that willfully alienates over half of their customer base.
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    J Parks
    Pizza hut no more. Lots of mom and pop places with much better pizza.
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    Never getting pizza from pizza hut again.
  • J
    Pizza Hut no longer the official pizza of the NFL
  • D
    Bye bye Pizza Hut. Where is the Board on this.
  • m
    New book.

    "Big Dig", a story of how Puzza Hut dug its own grave and buried itself in it.

    Boycott Yum Brands.
  • j
    Personally, I don't think the book is that big of a deal, but I still can't understand these companies willingly putting themselves in the middle of controversy. I see a bunch of comments of support of people saying, "I will buy Pizza Hut tonight!" but how long will that last when a whole set of people are going to be angry with them for much longer.
    Companies should make products and avoid inviting divisive, partisan politics (or even the hint of them) into their realm. Now they have a costly headache to deal with. Makes no sense to me.
  • F
    Pizza Hut facing boycott calls after promoting 'drag kids' book for kindergartners. This stock needs to be shorted
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    Investing in Crypto has never been less interesting and profiting even for a day, it's basically the best investment any individual can make for him self to ensure a financially stable future
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    Sell YUM BRANDS STOCK. They are pushing a book at Pizza Hut to children on being transsexual. This is a woke company that needs to be shown the door. There is NO reason why a public company should be pushing sex #$%$ on our children SELL SELL SELL
  • m
    Call was a lot of ra ra. I would of asked about the makeup of the comps. Considering huge price increases to offset massive inflation in inputs those comps reflect a drop in transactions when reopening should be pushing those up. This looks like mid single digit negative transactions which would say the budget consumer is getting squeezed. It will be harder to hide in Q2. Prices have already gotten out of hand. I can eat fast casual or even sit down for a similar price to KFC and Taco Bell now. Franchisees are getting slammed on profit margins and have big development obligations. Only so much cash to go around. Something has to give….
  • J
    Better to buy shares of Pizza Pizza on the TSX, ticker symbol PZA
  • m
    Went to KFC this weekend for the first time in a year or so. $32 for 12 pieces and a tiny 1 cup serving of hashbrowns and gravy!!! $32! Never again. You know with chicken and cooking oil going through the roof they are just going to raise prices further and drive everybody away. They should have paid down debt instead of lining their pockets with stock options and dividends so that they could actually sell food for a decent price.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Yum! Brands reached a 52 Week low at 110.51
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    Ticker is going to change. DUM
  • m
    How is this still holding up? Options or something? They made a lousy buck. Chicken and cooking oil prices going through the roof. Severe recession coming. Ridiculously high prices. I am very surprised this isn't down around $70.
  • s
    I have been holding since 2005. any suggestions for me
  • P
    What’s driving yum?
  • D
    Why did management announce the 14% increase in the dividend one day before earnings? Shouldn't that news be combined with earnings? Hmmm
  • o
    NewsYum Brands veteran and new CEO David Gibbs is wasting no time putting his stamp on the business.

    Actually, make that a grill mark.

    Gibbs — who officially took over from longtime Yum Brands (YUM) CEO Greg Creed on Jan. 1 — signed off on the $375 million acquisition today of The Habit Grill. The purchase price of $14 a share represents a 33% premium over Habit’s Jan. 3 closing price. Yum Brands said it will fund the transaction using cash on hand and available borrowing capacity under its credit facilities.

    Habit will join a portfolio of iconic Yum Brands fast-food businesses: Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Shares of Habit (HABT) — which were down 6% over the past year leading up to the deal news — surged 32% in early trading. Yum Brands shares fell slightly.

    “We’ve emerged from our three-year transformation stronger and in a better position to accelerate the growth of our existing brands and leverage our scale to unlock value from strategic acquisitions,” Gibbs said in a statement.