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San Francisco resident spots 'flying' couch amid intense weather conditions: 'Terrified'

The San Francisco Bay Area has been dealing with some pretty intense weather conditions lately. Some are even calling it the region’s worst storm season in recent history.

For weeks now, residents have endured frosty temperatures, near-constant rain and record-breaking winds that have caused considerable damage to homes and businesses. But few have managed to capture a moment as shocking as the one going viral on TikTok right now, which shows a couch literally flying through the air before it lands on the street below.

The jaw-dropping video was uploaded by TikTok user Brandon (@brandonau01), who happened to be in his apartment when the couch flew by.

“Just a couch in the sky…” he wrote in the video text before zooming in on an object soaring past his window.

Though it’s hard to tell where exactly the couch came from, it appears to be a piece of patio furniture from a nearby apartment rooftop. Once it was hoisted in the air by a strong wind, it apparently kept going until it slammed into the pavement below, landing on a sidewalk just feet away from an innocent bystander.


At the end of the video, Brandon shows the couch up close after running down into the street to get a closer look at it. And sure enough, it really is a couch — one that luckily didn’t hurt people during its descent.

Most TikTok users couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Omg terrified of this happening to my patio furniture,” one person commented.

Others kept thinking about the innocent bystander who was lucky he wasn’t standing just a few feet away.

“I’d literally never step outside again if I was that dude,” someone else confessed.

But lots of other people couldn’t help but see the humor in all of this.

“IKEA fall collection,” one person joked.

“So near, yet sofa,” said another.

“do you ever feel, like a futon, drifting through the wind,” someone else asked.

“I can’t decide if being killed by a flying couch is the stupidest way to go or the coolest way to go,” yet another person added.

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