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SymbolDateSharesProceedsTransaction details
AAPL2017-10-146,815US$1,069,887.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$156.99 per share.
AAPL2017-10-1412,558N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-09-3068,686US$10,585,886.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$154.12 per share.
AAPL2017-09-30125,494N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-06-014,757US$736,000.00Automatic Sale at US$154.13 - US$155.11 per share.
AAPL2017-05-289,550N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-05-284,793US$736,253.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$153.61 per share.
AAPL2017-04-192,008US$286,000.00Automatic Sale at US$142.19 - US$142.77 per share.
AAPL2017-04-184,300US$608,708.00Automatic Sale at US$141.56 per share.
AAPL2017-04-1412,558N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-04-146,250US$881,563.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$141.05 per share.
AAPL2017-04-0420,307US$2,943,000.00Automatic Sale at US$144.63 - US$145.25 per share.
AAPL2017-03-3140,955N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-03-3120,648US$2,966,292.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$143.66 per share.
AAPL2017-03-1417,897US$2,508,801.00Automatic Sale at US$140.18 per share.
AAPL2017-03-0315,431US$2,156,945.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$139.78 per share.
AAPL2017-03-0333,328N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-01-054,010US$472,699.00Automatic Sale at US$117.88 per share.
AAPL2016-12-27200US$23,566.00Automatic Sale at US$117.83 per share.
AAPL2016-12-262,100US$247,086.00Automatic Sale at US$117.66 per share.
AAPL2016-12-085,323US$607,000.00Automatic Sale at US$113.92 - US$114.30 per share.
AAPL2016-11-0616,950US$1,865,009.00Automatic Sale at US$110.03 per share.
AAPL2016-10-146,248US$735,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$117.63 - US$117.63 per share.
AAPL2016-10-1412,558N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-09-305,371US$607,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$113.05 - US$113.05 per share.
AAPL2016-09-3010,694N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-09-0333,329N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-09-0316,379US$1,765,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$107.73 - US$107.73 per share.
AAPL2016-08-1611,021US$1,201,000.00Sale at US$108.93 - US$108.93 per share.
AAPL2016-05-289,551N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-05-284,799US$482,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$100.35 - US$100.35 per share.
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