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SymbolDateSharesProceedsTransaction details
AAPL2017-11-234,608US$806,584.00Sale at US$175.04 per share.
AAPL2017-11-215,760US$1,004,544.00Sale at US$174.40 per share.
AAPL2017-10-1434,039N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-10-1417,077US$2,680,918.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$156.99 per share.
AAPL2017-08-275,892US$948,612.00Sale at US$161.00 per share.
AAPL2017-08-1510,469US$1,698,072.00Sale at US$162.20 per share.
AAPL2017-05-294,572US$703,311.00Sale at US$153.83 per share.
AAPL2017-05-245,447US$839,219.00Sale at US$154.07 per share.
AAPL2017-05-2110,000US$1,532,000.00Sale at US$153.20 per share.
AAPL2017-04-1434,046N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-04-1416,113US$2,272,739.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$141.05 per share.
AAPL2017-02-216,207US$850,359.00Sale at US$137.00 per share.
AAPL2017-02-203,000US$408,750.00Sale at US$136.25 per share.
AAPL2017-02-164,000US$542,000.00Sale at US$135.50 per share.
AAPL2017-02-065,652US$740,412.00Sale at US$131.00 per share.
AAPL2017-02-053,357US$436,410.00Sale at US$130.00 per share.
AAPL2017-02-027,529US$970,338.00Sale at US$128.88 per share.
AAPL2016-11-204,401US$488,511.00Sale at US$111.00 per share.
AAPL2016-11-173,689US$405,790.00Sale at US$110.00 per share.
AAPL2016-10-1442,734N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-10-1421,447US$2,523,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$117.63 - US$117.63 per share.
AAPL2016-10-121,425N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2016-10-121,425N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2016-08-144,327US$472,000.00Sale at US$109.00 - US$109.00 per share.
AAPL2016-08-115,500US$594,000.00Sale at US$108.00 - US$108.00 per share.
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