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    How much is an Olympic Gold medal worth?

    The Tokyo Olympic Games are coming up, running from 23rd July to 8th August and around 10,000 athletes are competing for a spot on the victory podium For those who strike gold, the value of the medal is around £646, based on current market prices. Today’s gold medals are not fully gold and are instead mostly silver. A shortage of the precious metal in World War I meant that fully gold medals were no longer given out after the 1912 Olympic Games. However, the value of a medal is so much more than the metal it is made of — it’s a piece of history. One of the four gold medals won by Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympics was sold for over $1.4 million in 2013. Anthony Ervin’s gold medal from the Sydney 2000 Olympics was sold for $17,100 to help raise money for the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which killed over 227,000 people. But understandably most Olympians choose to hang on to their medals.

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    Airline refunds: What are your rights as a consumer?'

    Travel refunds are at the front of many people’s mind in the COVID era — but what are your rights? Receiving a full refund within 14 days is your right as a consumer if significant parts of the package have to be changed. You also have the right to cancel your holiday if the government warns against travelling to that destination and the surrounding area, even if the organisers don’t cancel the trip.  The regulator says passengers should have reasonable expectation of safety, enjoyment and freedom from anxiety, which they would not fully get if government advice changed. Since March last year, the Competition and Markets Authority has received over 23,000 complaints about cancelled flights and holidays.  The CMA is now investigating whether British Airways and Ryan Air broke consumer law for failing to refund passengers for flights they could not legally take. Your rights must be clearly set out to you by organisers of package holidays, because you are entitled to cancel without a termination fee if there are unavoidable circumstances at what would have been your destination.

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    What are SPACs?

    SPACs — also known as 'blank cheque' companies — are one of the hottest trends in global finance. SPACs raised $80bn in the US last year and the market has only grown since then. Now Britain wants to get in on the action. Here's everything you need to know.