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Most Active Penny Stocks

Most Active Penny Stocks

25.86k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track penny stocks with the highest daily volume.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track penny stocks with the highest daily volume.

The list includes stocks priced at $5 or less with a day change greater than 3%. This list is generated daily and sorted by market cap; the gains are based on the latest closing price and limited to the top 30 stocks that meet the criteria.


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WatchlistChange today1-month return1-year returnTotal return
Most Active Penny Stocks+23.05%---

31 symbols

SymbolCompany nameLast priceChange% changeMarket timeVolumeAvg vol (3-month)Market cap
ZOMZomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp.1.13+0.13+13.00%16:00 GMT-4162.48M112.81M1.10B
CIDMCinedigm Corp.1.24+0.10+8.77%16:00 GMT-491.26M25.90M205.78M
VPERViper Networks, Inc.0.0175+0.00+8.70%16:00 GMT-4801.57M237.54M103.75M
WDLFSocial Life Network, Inc.0.0136+0.00+13.33%15:59 GMT-4100.04M228.92M101.13M
DSCRDiscovery Minerals Ltd.0.0098+0.00+7.69%15:59 GMT-4156.36M169.12M48.87M
RGBPRegen BioPharma, Inc.0.04585+0.01+22.10%16:00 GMT-41.00B142.22M26.20M
APYPAppYea, Inc.0.0031+0.00+55.00%15:59 GMT-4485.83M208.91M16.67M
UVSEUniversal Energy Corp.0.0006+0.00+20.00%15:58 GMT-479.51M226.94M8.08M
FERNFernhill Corporation0.00365+0.00+7.35%15:59 GMT-4132.55M64.48M4.02M
PVDGPoverty Dignified, Inc.0.0209+0.00+5.56%15:59 GMT-486.62M60.68M3.66M
SKYFSky440, Inc.0.0007+0.00+40.00%15:59 GMT-4188.42M82.00M3.54M
ADHCAmerican Diversified Holdings Corporation0.0062+0.00+12.73%15:59 GMT-481.08M35.53M1.92M
MSITFMedical Services International Inc.0.0002+0.00+100.00%15:19 GMT-4112.81M31.50M960.00k
TGGITrans Global Group, Inc.0.0033+0.00+3.13%15:59 GMT-4125.12M282.34M708.66k
RETCDevago, Inc.0.0011+0.00+10.00%15:59 GMT-4139.51M70.24M658.90k
FCGDFirst Colombia Gold Corp.0.0005+0.00+25.00%15:59 GMT-486.39M210.75M604.74k
AMLHAmerican Leisure Holdings, Inc.0.002+0.00+5.26%15:59 GMT-4110.47M131.19M572.52k
TBEVHigh Performance Beverages Company0.0014+0.00+27.27%15:59 GMT-43.75B425.04M397.15k
GGIIGreen Globe International, Inc.0.0028+0.00+16.67%15:59 GMT-4471.08M113.89M379.54k
HAONHalitron, Inc.0.00075+0.00+25.00%15:59 GMT-41.33B349.25M321.90k
USEIU.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc.0.005+0.00+8.70%15:59 GMT-4213.91M248.69M239.97k
UBQUUbiquitech Software Corp.0.0007+0.00+40.00%15:59 GMT-42.96B315.65M176.15k
ATYGAtlas Technology Group, Inc.0.0008+0.00+60.00%15:59 GMT-4478.70M76.02M126.54k
NBRINorth Bay Resources Inc.0.0012+0.00+20.00%15:59 GMT-4101.80M110.52M106.21k
HPILHPIL Holding0.0015+0.00+25.00%15:59 GMT-4548.94M218.84M75.79k
CBDLCBD Life Sciences Inc.0.0018+0.00+20.00%15:59 GMT-42.38B301.61M43.02k
NWTTNW Tech Capital, Inc.0.0006+0.00+50.00%15:56 GMT-484.61M134.70M31.62k
INCCInternational Consolidated Companies, Inc.0.0027+0.00+14.89%15:59 GMT-4325.55M262.43M29.49k
SPQSSportsQuest, Inc.0.0011+0.00+10.00%15:58 GMT-473.09M24.51M15.14k
CCTLCoin Citadel0.0078+0.00+16.42%15:59 GMT-4142.20M89.87M3.69k
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  • Viper Networks Signs $150 Million JV Agreement with BIET Group to Launch Renewable Energy Power Generation Projects Using an Innovative Hybrid PV-Thermal Technology

    Viper Networks Signs $150 Million JV Agreement with BIET Group to Launch Renewable Energy Power Generation Projects Using an Innovative Hybrid PV-Thermal Technology

    PV-T HASSABOU COLLECTOR PV-T HASSABOU COLLECTOR TROY, Mich., April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VPER), is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Joint Venture agreement with BIET Technologies Group to partner on the deployment of renewable energy power projects in several countries including USA, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Malawi. Abdelhakim Hassabou Ph.D. Chairman of BIET Technologies Group and Mr. Farid Shouekani, CEO of Viper Networks jointly emphasize: Solar Renewal Energy is foreseen to be the most important clean resource that can be utilized into many applications and projects we are developing. We will launch an innovative hybrid solar Photovoltaic & Thermal energy collector (PV-T); “HASSABOU COLLECTOR” to generate power around the clock 24 hours per day with a simple hot water storage that eliminates all the hurdles associated with contemporary solar technologies both in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with molten salt thermal storage and PV with batteries. We will start with multiple power productions projects ranging from 50 MW to 100 MW as the license permits valued at $150 Million Dollars. Massive power plants using the innovative PV-T integrated with other technologies developed by VIBER as well as other industry partners from the USA, Germany and Europe will be installed in multiple countries in the next few years. ABOUT BIET TECHNOLOGIES GROUP Dr. Hassabou is the Founder and Chairman of BIET Group with presence in Egypt, Qatar, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi. He is also affiliated with Cambridge Corporate University (CCU) in Switzerland as the Dean of Renewable Energy Management Postgraduate Studies and Director of the International Energy Unit (IEU), which is a consulting company under the Deanship of Renewable Energy at CCU. The IEU will play an important consulting role in support of the global transition towards accelerated deployment of clean energy and decarbonization of economy. More information about the IEU can be accessed through the link Dr. Hassabou is an Egyptian-born engineer with a Summa Cum Laude doctorate from Technical University Munich who is heating up competition in solar technology worldwide with his patented 91% combined efficiency Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV-T) System, i.e. “HASSABOU COLLECTOR”. It delivers power at a levelized cost of about 5 US cents per kilowatt hour even under northern climate solar conditions (Bremen, Germany, for example) and provides up to three-days (72-hours) of stored power even when the sun doesn’t shine. Dr. Hassabou collaborates with leading suppliers in Germany for his solar heat “troughs” and pressurized hot water storage for use with low-pressure turbines to deliver world-beating system as small as 100 kilowatts and up to hundreds of megawatts. His system reduces the footprint and overall cost of solar farms, which generates renewable electricity 24/7, per unit of energy produced by approximately 40% and provides a low-maintenance operating life of twenty-five-plus years. Dr. Hassabou’s company, BIET (Base for Industrial and Environmental Technology) has a broad vision of how to provide both developed and developing countries with energy, food, desalinated water, green hydrogen and sustainable community housing by combining his hybrid solar system with a punch of unique technologies developed by BIET and other industry partners including VIBER. “Having grown-up in Egypt and developing business in Africa and India, I know first-hand how insufficient energy, water, food and housing can burden the lower classes and prevent individuals from reaching their full potential,” says Dr. Hassabou. “In general, a collaboration between developed countries and underdeveloped areas of the world, given new breakthroughs in science, can rapidly raise living standards and at the same time lower disease rates associated with unsanitary living conditions and nutrition-deprived diets.” BIET Group has already initiated several solar power, waste-to-energy and affordable housing initiatives in Africa and plans to combine his affordable housing technologies with local power and food production to raise the living standard of underdeveloped communities throughout Africa starting from Ghana, the Middle East, South America Asia and elsewhere. “Fortunately,” says Dr. Hassabou, a well-established enterprise like VIBER NETWORKS as well as “a new generation of very wealthy entrepreneurs share the same goals that myself and my colleagues are devoted to in terms of raising standards of life and lowering poverty by creating jobs locally constructing affordable housing, affordable and nutritious food production, and clean, abundant energy that powers local business and social services.” Dr. Hassabou adds, “We believe that we have access to breakthrough technologies that will usher in a new age of economic development similar to that created by steam engine technology in the eighteenth century that was then followed by the age of electricity and motorized transportation. The difference is that we have the benefit of hindsight in understanding what technologies are compatible with our physical environment and which technologies are to be avoided at all cost because of their destructiveness.” ABOUT VIPER NETWORKS Viper Networks is a manufacturer and distributor of highly-efficient Smart LED lighting to provide proprietary LED lighting and Media Infrastructure solutions and Smart Cities Technologies for streets and cities, and highways, parking lots and warehousing facilities everywhere, in addition to solar energy products. For more information go to or follow us on Twitter @vipernetworks.Investor Relations or Media interest should email or call 407.444.5959 Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This news release contains "forward-looking statements" as that term is defined in Section 27A of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Statements in this release which are not historical are forward-looking and include any statements regarding beliefs, expectations or intentions regarding the future. A photo accompanying this announcement is available at