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Baby Raccoon Walks for First Time Thanks to Customized Wheelchair

A baby raccoon with a disability took her first steps recently in Arkansas, thanks to a custom-made wheelchair.

Footage by Walkin’ Pets, a company that specializes in making wheelchairs for disabled animals, shows eight-week-old Vittles testing out her new wheels. According to a blog post by the company, the raccoon suffered a brain injury that left her unable to support herself on all fours.

Vittles’ disability meant that she would not have survived in the wild, but luckily she was taken in by wildlife rehabilitation expert Susan Curtis, who partnered with Walkin’ Pets to help get the critter back on her paws.

According to the company, Vittles won’t make a full recovery, but with the support of her raccoon wheelchair she will begin to develop the muscles needed to stabilize her body and work to build up her core support enough to get around without her wheels. Credit: Walkin’ Pets by via Storyful