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Boy Helps Toddler Brother Escape Crib

Brothers Wilder and Georgie orchestrated and celebrated a successful escape from their cribs in Franklin, Tennessee, during the early morning hours of August 16.

Ashley Wilson, the boys’ mother, told Storyful that Georgie, who is 3 years old, and Wilder, who is 2, “are the best of friends.”

Wilson said she received a notification that the camera in the boys’ room had recorded activity, and when she went to look, she could see Georgie out of his crib, encouraging his younger brother to get up and over the bars keeping him in his own bed.

The video shows Georgie placing a pillow under Wilder’s crib so he would have something soft to land on when he got over the barrier, as Wilder commences his climb. Once Wilder is successfully on the ground, he exclaims, “I did it, I did it,” followed by an enthusiastic fist pump and celebration from Georgie.

Wilson posted the video to her Facebook page captioned, “Oh boy we are in trouble.” From the looks of it, she is definitely going to have her hands full with this dynamic duo! Credit: Ashley Wilson via Storyful