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Brazilian surfer inspires new generation

This 12-year-old surfer has an Olympic dream


Maria Clara comes from the same hometown as Italo Ferreira

who won the first ever Olympic gold in surfing in Tokyo

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) 12-YEAR-OLD SURFER, MARIA CLARA, SAYING: "I've been inspired by him (Italo Ferreira) many times when I'm in a championship. I remember him and do more or less what he did."

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) 12-YEAR-OLD SURFER, MARIA CLARA, SAYING: "The joy of bringing a medal to your city must be incredible, and imagine, a gold medal."

Maria Clara is an up-and-coming performer in local surf competitions

and hopes to make surfing her career

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) OLYMPICS SURFING GOLD MEDALIST, ITALO FERREIRA, SAYING:"It's cool to be able to inspire other people, not only kids, but also other people who have other dreams, who are not directly involved in the sport but who have big dreams, who try to achieve something. And to have my story as an inspiration, a motivation, it's very gratifying."

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