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Crowds of People Ignore Social Distancing Guidelines and Gather on Southend Beach

Hundreds of beachgoers flocked to Southend beach in Essex on May 20th in disregard of social distancing guidelines.

Local resident Chloe Jackson recorded this video of the crowded beach, showing several different groups of friends and family members gathering closely.

Jackson told Storyful she enjoys daily walks by the Southend beach front, and was surprised to find so many people ignoring the guidelines and sitting so close to each other.

“Everyday I am able to walk on the beach. Maybe pass about 2 or 3 people. Everyone has been taking lockdown seriously. But today I when for my walk and I was met with this sea of people,” she told Storyful.

Temperatures were reported to be as hot as 28C across the southeast, drawing beachgoers. Credit: Chloe Jackson via Storyful