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Edward Carmack Statue Comes Down in Nashville During George Floyd Protests

The crowd chanted on Saturday, May 30, as the statue of Tennessee politician Edward Carmack, known historically for his racist sentiment, was toppled off its base in Nashville during protests connected to the death of George Floyd.

Carmack is most notably known for his written attacks on Tennessee journalist Ida B. Wells’, and several members in the crowd celebrated when the statue came down.

“As people were peacefully protesting the streets of Downtown Nashville, some went rogue and began toppling over a statue of Edward Carmack,” Twitter user @Melanated_Gold, who took this video, told Storyful.

According to reports, David Roberson, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of General Services, said a meeting would be held to discuss the fate of the statue, but it was “unclear” who would be attending the meeting, the Tennesseean reported. Credit: Melanated_Gold via Storyful