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Fan Captures Close-Up of Brawl Between Warring College Basketball Teams

A bench-emptying brawl made for a wild finale in a 22-point home-court victory by the Kansas Jayhawks over local college basketball rivals Kansas State Wildcats on January 21.

The incident saw players from both teams spill over courtside, close to a priority seating area for fans with disabilities, at Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence. A dog was also caught up in the middle of proceedings, video shows.

In what CBS called the “worst brawl college basketball has seen in years,” opposing team members clashed and punches were thrown following the 81-59 victory for the Jayhawks.

Kendal McGuire, a student at Kansas State University, captured footage of the event. He told Storyful it was his first time in Allen Fieldhouse, and that, naturally, he will “never forget” his first experience of the arena. He also noted that in among all the action, “you can see a service dog that was in the middle of the whole fight. Near the end of the video you can see the dog wagging its tail.”

Kansas University Director of Athletics Jeff Long said the behavior was “unacceptable” and “not reflective of who we are” in a statement issued on Twitter. Apologizing for the students’ conduct, Long said that he was reviewing the incident and would “determine the appropriate consequences” for their actions. Credit: Kendal McGuire via Storyful