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Formula E ice car shows effects of climate change

An ice replica of a Formula E car has been left to melt

to highlight the effects of climate change

Location: London, England

SOUNDBITE) (English) GENPACT SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, JAY SCANLAN, SAYING: "Melting Point is Genpact's attempt to raise the awareness of the global climate challenge that we all face as humanity. We wanted to make it a little competitive as well, but what we've done is put 594 gallons-worth of ice in the form of one of our beautiful Envision Virgin Racing cars and we've asked the public to take a guess as how fast and how much of it will melt in a 24-hour period of time."

Envision Virgin Racing is the first carbon-neutral Formula E team

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ENVISION VIRGIN RACING OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, JENNIFER BABINGTON, SAYING: "What we do as a race team is getting our own house in order, making sure that we are the greenest team on the greenest grid, carbon-neutral and we pull that all through our operations and I think you can see from the event that Genpact have organised today, it's an incredible way for us to use the data analytics and the data capture that Genpact has as part of their capabilities and part of their business to be able to highlight exactly what's going on and to show real-time the effects of climate change on the world."

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