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GameStop, Bed Bath & Beyond: Meme stocks seeing the biggest gains today

Yahoo Finance's Brian Cheung and Akiko Fujita discuss meme stock moves in intraday trading on Tuesday.

Video transcript

BRIAN CHEUNG: Some meme stocks that are on the move. No particular reason, it seems like. But take a look at shares of GameStop-- again, this is intraday-- up about 11%. And if we take a look at an equal basis, what's the biggest meme stock on the move today, if you want to tap that over there?

AKIKO FUJITA: Right here?

BRIAN CHEUNG: That's Bed Bath & Beyond up 69% intraday. Nice, I guess. I don't really know--

AKIKO FUJITA: On no particular news?

BRIAN CHEUNG: On no particular news. But again, this has been a very volatile stock over the last one month period, although up 443%. So at least there's that.