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Hanks vs. Cruise: Which Tom has been in more movies? Find out on our new game show, "Beat the Street."

With new trailers out for both "Top Gun: Maverick" and "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," we're bringing you a special episode of "Beat the Street," featuring a question about two movie stars named Tom: Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. British DJ and presenter Harriet Rose will be walking around looking for people to ask questions to and play weird games with. First up, "Who has appeared in more movies, Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?" If you even know who Tom Hanks is, you'll do better than these contestants. Then Harriet will be asking an American tourist to act out movies using a very special prop (and star of the show), The Slinky of Success. Better watch out when you're next walking the streets, as Harriet and her slinky might be coming your way.