Iris Zhan is helping to raise awareness about climate change by creating digital campaigns for advocate groups

Iris Zhan co-founded Fridays for Future Digital with a mission to create digital campaigns that raise awareness about the impact of climate change on local commmunities.

Video transcript


IRIS ZHAN: The climate crisis affects every scope of humanity. It's just really existential and urgent. My name is Iris Zhan. I am a climate change maker focusing on digital campaigns. Growing up in Maryland, I learned about the climate crisis through school, learned about all these different initiatives in my local community.

I sort of noticed how I was one of the only young people there. I think that really pushed me to see this crisis as more important, because this affects my generation so, so much. Me, being the activist I am, wanted to get involved even more. I decided to try to get involved with Fridays for Future in the US. It mostly revolved around climate striking.

A lot of people from many different backgrounds cannot climate strike every single week. We wanted to be able to uplift those voices and make sure that they can be channeled into real, impactful action. There are so many different ways for young people to get involved and understand what's going on in your community. Finding other people who are also passionate in that same way.

I'm taking it to the next level. It's really important for young people to take action. That's what really helps keep the movement progressing.