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Just potty: Dare To Compare’s challenge pits neighbours against one another in a ‘tea pot luck competition’ to save on their next bill

Knowing how to find the best deals on our household bills can feel a bit random, but it doesn’t need to be a total pot luck. At least, that’s what our host wants us to know in his latest Dare To Compare challenge, where southeast London neighbours go head-to-head to see who’s the bigger spender… and who will win £100 off their next household utilities bill. Judy and son Faustino are up against Silvia and flatmate Paolo, as they all try to get as many tea bags into a floral teapot as they can (while blindfolded). They also need to avoid the “chocolate teapot of doom.” Silvia’s got an extra challenge: throwing her tea bags from further away since a quick glance through Compare the Market’s Neighbourhood Bills Calculator revealed she’s paying more for her bills than her neighbours. Watch to see who wins… and who will take a leaf out of the savvy savers’ handbook.

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