Market check: Stocks accelerate losses into the close

Yahoo Finance's Emily McCormick examines the market action ahead of the closing bell, taking a look at sector trading as trending stocks continue to dip.

Video transcript

EMILY MCCORMICK: Let's take a look at where stocks are trading, because we have about five minutes left in this trading session and this trading week. As we can see, it is a bloodbath today. The NASDAQ down more than 2 and 1/2% now-- now about 2.6%. The Dow Jones Industrial average down more than 400 points or more than one percentage point during today's session. And the S&P 500 down nearly 2% as we head into this closing bell.

Now, taking a little bit of a deeper dive here on the sector action in the S&P 500, leading the way lower, we have communication services, consumer discretionary, and material sectors. But if we take a look to the upside, the consumer staples sector is holding onto slightly positive territory. It's been fluctuating just around the flatline over the past hour or so. The real estate and utility sectors are also outperforming, but, again, still in negative territory.

Been taking a look at some of the components in the Dow Jones Industrial average. Disney is the biggest laggard in that index, down more than 6%. It's off of its session lows but still sharply in negative territory during the session, followed by Boeing, Visa, and Cisco. So definitely seeing some carnage here in some of these growth and technology stocks. That's a theme that we've definitely been seeing over the course of this past week and really for this year to date over the past month or so.

Now, I also want to highlight what we're seeing in shares of Netflix, because that was one of the main companies to report after the bell yesterday. We got some disappointing numbers in terms of subscriber growth for the fourth quarter as well as the company's outlook for the first quarter. And investors are punishing the stock because of that. Still down about 22%. Again, off session lows but only by a couple of percentage points.