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Minnesota Police Block Protesters Near Home of Former Officer Derek Chauvin

Protesters gathered in a neighborhood of Oakdale, Minnesota, on May 27, near the home of a white police officer accused of killing a black suspect by kneeling on his neck, Fox 9 reported.

Protesters gathered outside the Oakdale home of Derek Chauvin, the 44-year-old police veteran who was fired after he was filmed pinning George Floyd to the ground for several minutes while Floyd told officers he couldn’t breathe. Chauvin was one of four officers fired after video of the incident went viral.

This video, filmed by Chloe Jo, one of the protesters, shows police blocking off a street to prevent protesters from moving into the area. Toward the end of the footage, Chloe Jo is seen running before dropping her phone, while a male voice shouts that she is under arrest.

She told Storyful she was arrested for unlawful assembly and was later released. Credit: Chloe Jo via Storyful