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Protesters Run as Philadelphia Police Advance

Clashes between Philadelphia protesters and police continued into the early morning hours on October 28 following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

The shooting sparked protests across the city, with looting also reported on the nights of October 26 and 27.

Police said 30 officers were injured during protests on Monday, including a female officer whose leg was broken when she was struck by a vehicle.

This footage was shared by @breezy_thegent on Instagram and shows protesters throwing projectiles at police in riot gear. Protesters can be seen dispersing as police move forward. Police can also be seen surrounding a car. @breezy_thegent said, “The cops were advancing down the street so as the crowd ran, cars also made U-turns. This car was attempting to turn around like everyone else had and got caught in the swarm.” They added that police “did appear to handcuff the driver.” Credit: @breezy_thegent via Storyful