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Sister of Tyre King Tearfully Recounts How She Found Out Her Brother Was Killed

The sister of Tyre King, a 13-year old boy shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio, on September 14, spoke tearfully about her younger brother’s death at a vigil organized by the Ohio People’s Justice Project in conjunction with King’s family and their attorney, according to the uploader of the videos.

Other speakers at the vigil included local pastor Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith, and Mr. Aramis, the statewide coordinator for the Ohio People’s Justice Project.

Tyre King was shot and killed by police during an incident in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday, September 15.

Police said King was involved in a robbery and was carrying a BB gun that was ‘nearly identical’ to the type of guns the Columbus PD officers carry, according to Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs.

King’s sister was named by the uploader of the videos as Marshay Caldwell. Credit: Facebook/By Their Stranger Fruit