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South Carolina Man Nearly Struck by Lightning

A man walking through a school campus in Conway, South Carolina, was nearly hit by lightning on Thursday, August 15, local media reported.

This video, taken by a security camera at the Academy for Technology and Academics, shows school counselor Romulus McNeill holding an umbrella and walking on the sidewalk as a lightning bolt strikes nearby. The video shows a startled McNeill drop his umbrella as he jumps and then runs away.

“Cameras caught my crazy experience with lightning,” McNeill said on Facebook on Friday.

The National Weather Service reported thunderstorms moving through parts of South Carolina on Thursday.

McNeill said on Facebook that he was thankful to not have any major injuries.

“I felt a shock,” McNeill told local media. “It was just kind of insane for it to happen like that. I was just trying to get home and get something to eat.” Credit: Horry County Schools via Storyful