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Stocks steer towards session lows in final day of Q3 2022

Yahoo Finance Live's Seana Smith checks out market movements in the last trading day of the third quarter.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Let's get you up to speed on the market action because it has been quite a day, you could say, a month and a quarter here for the major averages. For the day, the Dow off just around 1.2%. The biggest driver in the Dow today, the worst performer is Nike. Nike on pace for its worst day since 2001. Taking a look at the NASDAQ, the NASDAQ off just around 7/10 of a percent today. The S&P off nearly 1%.

Month to date, let's take a look at these charts here, as we pull up a month to date for, let's start with the S&P. So S&P, month to date, off just around over 8 and 1/2%, the worst September that we have seen now for stocks since 2008. S&P off more than 7% this month. That will be the third time that this has happened with the S&P so far this year, marking the first time-- the last time that has happened was actually during the financial crisis.

Taking a look at the Dow month today, off just over 8% as well. Worst month that we have seen for the Dow since March 2020. And taking a look at the NASDAQ here, month to date, off just over 9%, the biggest monthly loss that we have seen since April.

Taking a look at a quarter to date for the NASDAQ, off pretty substantially, off just over 3% for the losses for the quarter. Not nearly as bad as what we saw in September for stocks. The Dow for the quarter off just over 6%, and the S&P substantially in the red here, off just over 4 and 1/2%. Rachelle.