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Stop toxic travel curbs, begs S. Africa president

Johannesburg Airport is now home to some frustrated travelers.

That after much of the world shut its doors to South Africa over concern regarding the new Omicron variant of COVID, first discovered in the region.

Many flights in and out of the country have been cancelled as a result.

But South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday (November 29) urged the world to rethink.

Addressing the opening of this week's China-Africa Summit, he said the bans were unjustified:

"At the same time, we need to resist unjustified as well as unscientific travel restrictions that only serve to further disadvantage developing economies. We have seen how some countries have started to restricting travel to other countries thus damaging their economies and particularly sectors of the economies that rely on travel of people around the world."

The call won some support.

Speaking at the conference, Senegal's president said African neighbours would not shut the door to South Africa.

Finding support elsewhere looks like a challenge though.

Recent days have seen a host of countries impose restrictions on travel from South African and its neighbours.

Some are going much further.

Monday saw Japan join Israel in closing its border completely to foreigners.

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